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Crazy '80s – A Rad Online Video Slot Experience

Gone are the glorious days of the quirky memories of the '80s when neon colors and crazy fashions, were the theme of the day. If you are one of the '80s kids, then this amazing video slot will give you a kick!

It is like a tour back to the '80s that’s assured to strike the nostalgia arpeggio with its bright colors, heavy duty rock music and the loud rash fashion wisdom. You know you can feel that '80s feel while sitting at your home with the help of online Crazy 80s slot game on your computer, laptop, or mobiles. Microgaming has relived the '80s theme with this entertaining game.

It almost certainly not needed for us to explain what Crazy 80s slot is based on but we will anyway just in case. This slot machine game produced by software company Microgaming and is all about the 1980s as you have probably guessed. This installment looks like it could be decent fun so we have tested all of the features and content and detailed them below so you can make an knowledgeable selection as to whether Crazy 80s slot deserves your hard earned money or not.

Graphics and Soundtrack

Crazy 80s is a stunning wheel of wealth with some nice retro designs. Poker run symbols, bangles, sparkly lip gloss, cassette tapes, Rubik cubes and stereos that play retro music as well as big-haired girls with loopy earrings are what you may see once you start the game. In addition, the autoplay feature is also at your disposal.

Crazy 80s symbols

Bold and attractive lady in miniskirts, wearing clothes to blow the guys, sun glasses, boom boxes, magazines with clunky phones, glosses are all the things needed for this Crazy 80s online road trip. The usual poker cards from ten to Ace are added to keep it motivating.

Wild Symbol

For those players that are maybe not know more about this game and unknown with more new slots, the wild symbol is a symbol that can appear on the reels with the goal of helping players create more winning combinations as it substitutes itself for most other symbols on the reels. The boom box is the wild symbol on Crazy 80s slot, and it appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and makes its own winning combination when it appears on a winning pay line so keep a look out for it. In addition, the wild symbol will not substitute for the scatter symbol below.

Scatter Symbol

This symbol is a like quality to the wild symbol and is represented by the long record on the reels. This feature allows players to create a scatter combination when three or more appear on the reels and helps players accumulate more wins! It will help you make an amazing big win with lots of cash.


The slot itself had 5 reels with only 9 paylines. Yes, it seems a bit old fashioned but this is one of Microgaming’s classic slots – it’s an oldie but a goodie, like most of the people say that “Old is Gold”. Good thing is that some of these lines go beyond which let you be successful numerous times from the same combination – check out the Paytable for the full deets Wombat fans.

The 10, J, Q, K and A are your normal low-paying card symbols. These are combined on the bright pink, lime green and electric blue reels by vital 80s things like; chunky plastic jewellery, an audio cassette tape, some top gun style aviators, a wide belt and mini skirt arrangement. All these symbols will offer you anything from 200 to 650 coins for 5 of a kind, but the largest payout comes from the 80s chick who’s stolen Madonna’s haircut from desperately looking for Susan. She’ll offer you big ones if you deal to land 5 of her on the reels.

General Game Rules

Let’s have a look on the following general game rules that will help you play this game easily and make huge wins.
  • You can bet up to nine coins at once and select how much the coins are value, from 0.25-5.00.
  • There is a wild symbol, as we already mentioned, the boom box. The boom box can take the place of any other icon, except the scatter symbol, to make a winning combination, but you'll only see it on reels two, three and four.
  • The scatter symbol is the long-playing record and even if it comes up on a non-enabled reel, you still win depending on the number of scatter symbols that appear, your jackpot is multiplied up to 50 times.
  • You can also play this video slot on an auto play mode. If you want the computer to take over for a while, you can set how many spins the computer will take, the wager on each spin and the number of pay lines.
  • All you have to do is sit back and watch the money spin with a bit of luck, Valley girl Susan will style your display screen and give you the big 5000 coin payout.


This feature allows Crazy 80s slot game interface to play the game on behalf of the user and is useful for the more knowledgeable player or the player on a strict budget. Just decide how many games you want to play and click the big button. It’s super entertaining and easy.


This video slot game is without doubt one to keep you entertained and winning for hours. You'll love the comical graphics, the 80s neon colors and the tacky music that totally sets the frame of mind. You'll be having so much fun, you might almost not remember about the big payouts. So get out your Ray-Ban sunglasses and make your trip back to the 80s complete with Crazy 80s video slot.

If you grew up in the 80s, then this game will float your boat! For the rest of you, the Crazy 80s slot could feel a bit slow compared to Microgaming’s newer offerings as it’s lacking in Free Spins or Bonus Features. But still it’s really an amazing experience to play Crazy 80s.

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