Retrocon 2024

Memory Jogger Podcast 12: Mixtapes

In episode 12 of Memory Jogger, Jason and Wyatt dig through boxes of old mixtapes to see what they've recorded over the years. We read through playlists of actual cassettes and rediscover albums we have hung onto all these years. Plus, we also talk about our early stereos, car setups, taping songs at the radio station we both worked at, and when our cassette days bit the dust. Our icebreaker starts the show off with a beloved board game making a comeback. 

We invite your jogged memories and comments below or tweet us @RD80s. You can find the Memory Jogger podcast as part of the Rediscover the '80s Podcast feed and we'll also be releasing show's on the RD80s YouTube channel. Stream the episode below and let us know what you think!

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