I Recently Hosted Retro Trivia Jeopardy on the Banzai Retro Club Podcast

I recently made a guest appearance on the Banzai Retro Club podcast. When I was initially invited, we didn't have a topic in mind to discuss. Well, the game show lover in me thought it would be a great time to quiz the three hosts with some retro trivia. May I now present to you Banzai Jeopardy!

If you haven't met the Banzai Retro Club, the three hosts (Dave, Rose, and Scott) discuss all things from the '70s, '80s, and '90s. I've collaborated with these guys many times in the past for what we called The 80s League in a series of articles and podcasts. These guys love their retro as much as I do, but it's time to put them to the test! 

I did a pretty good job of disguising the topics to the contestants, but once they found their groove, they each excelled in different areas. Be prepared to answer questions from pop culture categories like TV, movies, video games, music and cartoons. We had a great time and will like be something I do again in the future! Game on!

Listen now to Round 1 and Round 2 of Banzai Jeopardy in the Banzai Retro Club podcast feed. You can stream both episodes below or download directly here: 

Make sure you follow their blog and social media outlets too! Get all the info at the BanzaiRetroClub.com website.

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