Retro Con 2018: Review Podcast

Jason and Wyatt had the awesome opportunity to attend Retro Con 2018 a couple weekends ago and we want to tell you all about it! Cosplay. Celebrity guests. Famous cars. Retro collectibles. Grown men playing with M.A.S.K. toys in the parking lot. Yes, we experienced it all! 

Our visit to this year's show included meeting up with our M.A.S.K. buddy Bill Faries of as we took in all the sites. You can watch Bill's live stream as we walked through all the vendors on Saturday and even witness a few purchases along the way. We sat in on the trivia contest to which Jason was lucky enough to get a prize. We then had lunch together and enacted a scheme that Bill concocted to create our own M.A.S.K. toy commercial in a nearby parking lot! We then went back to the show for the last few hours to peruse the tables one more time.

A few days after the show ended, we jumped back online to discuss our memories from Retro Con 2018. We talked about our haul of collectibles along with a few that we ogled but came at too steep of a price. We also discuss our favorite cosplayers (which I'll feature in an upcoming article) and the celebrities and famous cars that were at the show. Overall, we had a great time once again at Retro Con and want to extend our appreciation to Tony and staff who put on another great show.

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