Classic Christmas Gifts for Your Boyfriend That Need a Comeback

It's never too early to be thinking about Christmas! The December holiday is the perfect time to take a break from the fast-paced world we live in. Between the daily grind of working, the constant stream of information on social media, and life’s little curveballs, waxing nostalgic about the good ‘ol days is a great way to take the edge off.

And what’s the best excuse to remind our loved ones to take a breather once in a while? Why, a well-thought-out Christmas gift, of course!

Make a list and check it twice—here are some classic Christmas gifts for your boyfriend that harken back to simpler times.

A good, old-fashioned leather wallet

Perfect for: The boyfriend who has his life together

Nothing spells classic better than leather. Not only do they look dapper and classy; they also live on for years.

A leather wallet is an excellent gift because it’s both functional and sentimental. Your boyfriend will have his wallet on him at all times—which means he’ll always be carrying a reminder of your love and commitment.

Don’t forget to take a Polaroid photo on Christmas day, so he has a picture of the two of you to display in his brand new wallet!

A classic wristwatch

Perfect for: The boyfriend who likes to keep it classy

Many people consider a wristwatch unnecessary as our phones are always displaying the time. But has there ever been a more classic accessory than a watch?

A beautiful wristwatch with leather straps goes with any outfit. They might even outlive you—that’s why so many watches are handed down from generation to generation.  Another classic yet stylish gift any gentlemen must have would be a stainless pocket watch. If your boyfriend hasn’t inherited any fancy watches yet, perhaps it’s time to start a tradition of your own!

A warm sweater in their favorite color

Perfect for: The boyfriend who’s a big hugger

Sweaters are great substitutes for hugs when you aren’t around each other. Nothing beats a warm and comfy sweater or Christmas onesies on chilly winter mornings. Throw in a box of hot chocolate, and he’s all set until the holidays are over!

Get him his sweater in his favorite color or in a classic one, such as brown, blue, or green. Perfect for autumn, winter, and spring. Just be careful—he’ll love it so much he might not let you borrow it.

His favorite ‘80s music on vinyl

Perfect for: The music-lover boyfriend

Music streaming is convenient, but it has nothing on the experience and music quality of a vinyl record.

Whether or not your boyfriend has an existing collection of vinyl records, a new one is bound to make him happy! Either he can start collecting, or you’ve just handed him the crown jewel of his vinyl record set. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend.

If you’re not sure what his favorite ‘80s album is, check out the best-selling or most influential bands and artists of that time. You might just end up giving him his new go-to record to rock out to.

A coffee press for his early morning pick-me-up

Perfect for: The boyfriend who’s an early bird (or a caffeine lover)

Sometimes, convenience is the best gift you can give. Sure, a coffee maker does the job, but a coffee press will seriously improve his breakfast experience.

Coffee presses have been making all the top 10 lists of Christmas gift ideas this year, and it’s no wonder; it’s a great example of a low-effort, high-reward investment. Simply add fresh coffee grounds and boiling water, brew for a few minutes, and press!

A film camera (and some film rolls!)

Perfect for: The boyfriend who has always wanted to try photography

Film photography is not just for hipsters—it’s for everyone who has always wanted to be behind the camera.

Go back to a time before Photoshop was invented and before you can instantly upload photos on social media. Film photography is the best way to really immerse yourself in the art of photography: no filters, just pure skill.

Looking to make your present more special? Add in some gift cards for a film development store so he can get your holiday photos printed before work starts.

A thought-provoking book

Perfect for: The bookworm boyfriend

Give your boyfriend a break from the eye-straining screens of his phone and laptop. A good old book read beside a fireplace is the perfect way to unwind during the holidays!

Find out what his favorite genre or who his favorite author is, and grab a paperback from your favorite bookstore. Better yet, buy a book for yourself as well so you both can read side by side. Now you’re all set for quality quiet time on Christmas morning.

Gift-giving shouldn’t be daunting. After all, no one knows your boyfriend better than you do. Use the guide above so you can spend the holidays spreading love, relaxing, and preparing for the year ahead.
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