'80s Video Games That Can Never Die

One of the greatest things that arose in the eighties, not mentioning hairstyles, good music, Walkmans, and fashion, has surely been the video games that emerged in the decade. At present time, countless games are being released and introduced to us both technological and cultural improvements. Games have gradually offered more in quality and grown more in quantity which has made them a huge part of our culture. However, there are games from way back that are now considered legendary and can just never die. Nothing beats a little nostalgia, so let's take a trip down memory lane to rediscover some of these legendary games developed in the '80s that started the hype.

Donkey Kong

Even with Diddy Kong wandering through various Mario spin offs, Donkey Kong was the King Kong. This game was a Nintendo Classic in 1981 that brought the Super Mario to life. In this game, Mario must rescue a damsel in distress from the giant ape, Donkey Kong, through climbing up the ladders while dodging and jumping over obstacles and approaching enemies. It was deemed as one of the earliest examples of the platform game genre.


Even before laying the odds online with solitaire and in many other games alike, agen ibcbet for an example, became a thing, Microsoft Solitaire was the real deal. It was developed in the late ‘80s with the intention to appease people intimidated by the operating system. It’s a game where the players start out by playing with a single suit until they find it comfortable to see how they play when using two to four suits in a game. 

Pinball Construction Set

This game released in 1983 was titled as a revolutionary and innovative game, for it allowed the users to construct their own virtual pinball machine by dropping bumpers, flippers, spinners and other pinball paraphernalia onto a table. In playing this game, the creativity of the users were put to a test and was greatly encouraged.


Who wouldn’t recognize this round yellow guy who eats dots? This game was released in 1981, and quite became the favorite of a lot of people for its presentation of a new genre. The players guide Pac-man, the game character, through the screen, avoiding the monsters and eating the dots as he goes along. It was arguably one of the most influential and most popular game in its time.

Ms. Pacman

Of course, every Pac-man needs a its female counterpart. This game was also launched in 1981, which Pac-man made possible. The same game mechanics used in Pac-man is used for this game. However, this game has its additional features and added longevity. Ms. Pa-cman, with her huge red ribbon had so many people entertained even with just a simple concept.

Star Wars

This game was based on the original movie Star Wars and was released in 1983. The player has to maneuver Luke’s X-wing fighter throughout the game’s levels. Many of the biggest Star Wars fans enjoyed playing this game back in the day.


This game made known in 1984, even though a puzzle game, is not just any other puzzle game one could encounter—of course, in its time. It is seen as one of the games that led the Nintedo Gameboy to its success. In this game, the player attempts to complete each row and fill in with the pieces until it gets overwhelming and the screen fills up. It is defined as one that is accessible yet challenging. It is the ultimate puzzle game one could waste time with, yet enjoy.

Super Mario Bros.

This ever popular Mario, although experiencing a great breakthrough throughout the years, originally came out in 1985. It pioneered a good number of game features that are being taken for granted today. The player has to save the princess from the almighty Bowser. It soon became a series, Super Mario Bros. 3 being the one which sold the franchise out of the previous ones. By then, controls were improved, formulas were expanded, and new features were added.

New games are released every year, sometimes even every month. Every now and then, a new game attracts the public eye for a while before we all move on and forget all about it. But there have been a few games that became classics for a lot of reasons. The gameplay, the storylines, outstanding characters, and many other factors that make some games become unforgettable. Some things just never get old even with the accelerating evolution of everything; they were made to be timeless.

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