Watch Two Versions of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as a Musical

It's that time of year when I once again celebrate my favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. While I have probably seen it somewhere in the range of 50 times, I have never watched it in the theater. This year, I finally got the opportunity to remedy that and it was a great experience.

Another experience I'd love to see is Christmas Vacation as a live musical! I love the soundtrack so much and would love just to hear the music performed live let alone an entire musical production inspired by the film. While my aspirations still exist, in the meantime I've managed to find two musical adaptations of the film on YouTube! Both are fun, one featuring a full choir while the other uses a rock band.

Check out the Clover Cavaliers production from 2016:

Now, watch Haitus' Christmas Vacation production form 2017:

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