Rediscovered #6: Little Monsters

Jason and Wyatt are back for another episode in the podcast series "Rediscovered," which reviews obscure TV, moves, and cartoons from the '80s. The 6th episode covers the 1989 feature film Little Monsters starring Fred Savage and Howie Mandel. The story revolves around a teenage boy who discovers a minster realm under his bed and befriends one of its inhabitants.

Our podcast goes in depth on the movie including the cast and crew, soundtrack, release history. We'll also give you our favorite and least favorite scenes, characters, and overall thoughts on whether we recommend you rediscover the movie or leave it in the past.

We welcome your comments on Little Monsters and any suggestions for TV shows, movies, or cartoons for us to review in the future. Listen to the show or watch our recording session below!

If you haven't connected yet with our podcast feed, visit our podcast page or simply search for "Rediscover the 80s" in your favorite app like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon Music, or TuneIn. You can also stream this episode below or watch our recording session below on YouTube.

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