Retrocon 2024

Garbage Pail Kids Makes Monopoly Grosser Than Ever!

The grossest edition of Monopoly is now available featuring the characters from the beloved '80s sticker trading cards, Garbage Pail Kids! The Op Games tells us that the custom game board features 22 spaces named after Garbage Pail Kids characters and illustrated by fan favorite GPK artist Joe Simko. Instead of houses and hotels, you'll be placing garbage cans and dumpsters on properties like Adam Bomb, Dead Ted, Ali Gator, New Wave Dave, and Creepy Carol.

Randomly draw Chance and Community Chest cards renamed “Never Had a Chance” and “Community Chester”. Taxes include in the game are an “Adoption Fee” and “Disposal Fee” which you can pay with “Booger Bucks”.

Six collectible pewter tokens including Swirly Dog Poop, Melting Eyeball, Zit Goo Tube, Fish Bones, Overflowing Garbage Can, and a Guillotine can be used during your gross-out adventure.

Find Monopoly: Garbage Pail Kids in local game stores or purchase online through The Op Games Store or Amazon.

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