Unboxing: RD's Retro Detention Goodie Pack

If you haven't checked out the RetroDaze YouTube series RD's Retro Detention you are missing out on some great nostalgia. Each episode follows RD, a detention "lifer" at Memory Meadows High. He passes the time in detention by discussing his favorite things with you...a fellow detainee. All the while, he tries to avoid getting into any further trouble with the school's Principal Hamato and shoots the breeze with the school's janitor, "Dustpan" Dutch.

RD's Retro Detention is what you get when you blend Saved By The Bell, show-and-tell, and retro pop culture together. Each episode, RD gushes over something great from your childhood including movies like Batman, Ghostbusters II, and Robocop - TV shows like Thundercats, Power Rangers and Captain N the Game Master - nostalgia like New Coke, Blockbuster Video, and Garbage Pail Kids.

I was lucky enough to receive a RD's Retro Detention goodie pack recently featuring some fun vintage items featured in the show along with some goodies based on specific episodes. Check out my unboxing video below and subscribe to the Retrodaze YouTube channel for an upcoming announcement on how you can win your own goodie pack!

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