Watch These Incredible Year-By-Year Remixes of '80s Music Hits

If you are not following The Hood Internet on YouTube, you are truly missing out on some of the best audio/visual mashups of '80s music ever...yes, ever. Right now, they are releasing year-by-year remixes using popular '80s hits and visuals from their music videos.

They actually started with 1979 and their latest video captures 1985. I was truly blown away with the quality presented and while it's difficult to capture every popular track in just 3 minutes, they do a fine job of representing each year's music. A new video is being release each week this month so be sure to subscribe to The Hood Internet to watch the latest videos. Also check out their viral 40 Years of Hip Hop video which crams 150 tracks into 4 minutes.

I'm embedding all of the years from the '80s released so far for your viewing pleasure below...

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