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80’s Fashion Trends For Women in the Modern Day

Who doesn’t want to get dressed in a glamorous manner for a casual date or lavish party? Well, most designers have started to go through the iconic '80s fashion trends. 1980s dresses are well-known for their punk look and bright colors. Thus, you can easily purchase eye-catching dresses to set a style statement with great ease.


Above all, '80s fashion will make you look more glamorous as compared to contemporary clothing. '80s fashion is all about broad-shouldered sequin dresses, stylish earrings, skin-tight jeans, and much more. To be frank, there is something for everyone; irrespective of your body contouring you will be able to find excellent dresses.

Tips and techniques to improve 

In case you want to become the center of attraction during a party, then do go through the tips mentioned below.

Mixing different dresses

All in all, 80s fashion is about creating a unique style. You can do this by wearing mixed up dresses viz. baggy jeans over V or round T-shirts.

Use the popular dress material

Madonna, 1987
For instance, do go for the most popular dress material used during the 80s, viz. sequin, velvet, etc. These materials are not only stylish but offer genuine comfort even when you wear them for long hours.

Using several accessories

With the use of earrings, beaded necklace, and knitting needle gloves you will get an instant retro-stylish look achieved by a retro embroidery. If you want to do it yourself, you can check the best embroidery machine we found.

The perfect hairstyle 

Last but not least, a retro hairstyle will add charm to your overall personality. The '80s were known for several iconic hairstyles viz. side ponytail, curls, pumps, etc.

Correcting common problems

Even though '80s fashion is still considered iconic, there are several things that you need to avoid according to this Facebook page.

Excessive make up

Thick eyelash makeup with lots of bright lipstick is a big no. In short, do not try to highlight your face with the application of neon makeup.

Double denim

The '80s fashion is more about wearing mix-match dresses as they will offer you a punk look. Thus, do not end up wearing denim jeans and denim jackets as they were not much the trend.

Analysis of the best practices in the industry

To begin with, in case you are planning to get dressed like divas from '80s movies, then it is recommended to consider the following points.

Emphasize on your make up

You can simply get a retro-stylish look of the '80s by emphasizing on the makeup. Keep in mind not to use face highlighter and do dress your hair as per the shape of your face.

Wear mix match clothing

Indeed, the '80s were all about creating unique dresses by mix-matching them. You can wear long t-shirts and skin-tight jeans or can wear a leather jacket over baggy denim jeans.

Focus on jewelry

For starters, there are various jewelry options to choose from for your 80s costume. You can wear a beaded or diamond necklace along with your sequin or velvet dress for a gala event. In case you are running low on budget, then invest in flashy earning or on punk bracelets. Check this website for a variety of necklaces that can go well with your outfit.

Tools you can use

There are several tools that you can use to get an authentic retro-stylish look for a gala event or casual date. Some of the most common tools are listed below.


Jewelry is considered one of the most essential accessories that you need to wear while getting dressed in retro-style. To be frank, there are plethora of jewelry that you can buy for your '80s dress or as per the pocket economy.
Madonna, 1987

Sequin dresses

Unlike any other fabric, sequin dresses will help you make a style statement without any hassle. One of the most endearing characteristics of these dresses is that they are light in weight and skin-friendly. Thus, you do not have to worry about any discomfort even after wearing them for quite a long time.

Banana clips

You might have seen several '80s actresses wear these accessories to krept their hair. Well, this is so because banana clips were in vogue during the '80s. Thus, you will be able to get instant retro diva look by the use of this accessory. Moreover, you can wear a banana clip with any dress as it is highly versatile and chic to look at.

Round glasses

Round glasses were in high demand during the '80s; most of the models and movie actresses use to wear them.You can add instant charisma to your overall fashion style just by putting them on during casual dating.

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