Check Out My DIY Spider-man Table With Decoupage Comics (VIDEO)

One of my hobbies over the last couple years has been re-purposing comics through the art technique called decoupage. I visit local comic shops and thrift stores in search of comic books that have seen better days. Usually, I can find them for pretty cheap considering the condition and re-purpose them to enjoy in a new way.

My first trial run of cutting out pages or panels from the books and gluing them in a pattern was on a display cabinet I own. I used an old issue of G.I. Joe to cover the top and it came out surprisingly well.

Next, I was a little more advantageous and designed a web pattern on a canvas using an old Web of Spider-man book. I took a picture to show it off to my Facebook friends and immediately got a request from a friend to do something similar for her daughter'd upcoming birthday. I agreed and then decided to go step beyond what I had done and try to design a table for her. The end result was something that surprised even me and (I'm told) is now a cherished possession.

Beyond recycling the comics, the table itself was purchased from a Habitat for Humanity store so this project was about as re-purposed as it gets! Check out my handiwork below and tell me what you think. Maybe it will inspire you to find new life for your old comic books!