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How to Plan an '80s Theme For Your Next Getaway

There’s nothing that increases the fun and excitement more than a great theme when it comes to planning a getaway. You suddenly get to think differently about what you wear, the types of activities you’re going to seek out, and how you're best going to channel the spirit of your chosen theme.

The decade of the '80s is a fun choice for a getaway theme, as it allows you to use bold and bright colors, fun style, and epic music choices.

Here are some ideas for using the '80s in your getaway planning including what to pack in your suitcase:

Go Bold with Makeup

'80s fashion included bright and bold makeup looks, so if you want to embody the '80s as much as possible, you’ll want to pack some key makeup essentials to complete your look. An '80s makeup look usually has iconic eyeshadow with bright shades, so pick out your favorite bright colors ahead of time, like greens and pinks.

If you prefer to keep a clearer complexion when you are on vacation in the sun, you can forgo any foundation or heavy power and still create a bold, '80s look with lip color or bright eyeshadow.

Pick Out Your '80s Swimsuit

If you’re hitting the beach during your getaway, you’ll want a swimsuit that fits the bill. The '80s were all about bright one-pieces, or even frilly two-pieces if that’s your preference. When it comes to an '80s swimsuit, the brighter and more patterned, the better. Think florals, geometric shapes, or even your favorite tagline from an iconic '80s TV show!

Don’t Forget the Essentials

A getaway stooped in '80s culture, like any other getaway, will still need your basic essentials to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe trip. It can be hectic trying to remember all key items (and worrying that there’s at least one thing you might have forgotten), which is why Cash Lady provides this easy-to-use essentials tool to pinpoint key items and how much to spend.

Be sure to pack items like:
  • Passport
  • Headphones
  • Toothbrush
  • Charger

The Perfect Pair of Shades

No getaway is complete without a great pair of shades! And if you’re looking for '80s style, the bigger, the better. When choosing a pair of sunglasses that can best fit with an '80s theme, you may want to try thick shutter shades or any shades which come with bright and colorful frames.

Or, if you prefer a classic look while still in-keeping with the '80s vibe, try aviators or wayfarers. You can find classic aviators with top brands like Ray-Ban.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not re-watch some your favorite '80s movies and see which shades your leading actor is wearing? Tom Cruise was a sunglasses trend setter in movies like Risky Business, Top Gun, and Rain Man.

Create Your Ideal '80s Playlist

The '80s was arguably the greatest decade for music and tracks from all genres can certainly get you in the mood for your getaway. If you have a long flight or any sort of long journey, you’ll want to be armed with the Ultimate '80s Playlist to get you in the mood.

Now that you know what to bring, it's time to plan '80s themed getaway!

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