The Ultimate Guide to an '80s Night

New wave, big hair don’t care, disco balls, and flashing lights! While this world is slowly opening up after the pandemic, it might be the right time to start planning your big '80s birthday bash, anniversary, or just a party because you feel like it. With this guide, your '80s party will be fun, social, and a guaranteed blast!

The Invites!

You can’t start a party without a great invite. Although the internet didn’t exist yet in the ’80s, it does now and it can help you create unique and thrilling invites to your party.

A Digital Card

A digital card is easy to create, can be original, and is a fast way of inviting your friends to the party. Through various design apps like Canva or DesignCap, you can select a retro template and personalize it with the date and other details of your party. Easy peasy!

A Video

Music is the soundtrack of your party! An original way to invite your friends to your '80s party is by using a music video. Select your favorite song and make some dance moves to complete your invite. With apps like Magisto, Kinemaster or FlexClip, you can edit your video to the perfect format and cut. Download your final result and send it to the world!

A Cassette Tape

What better way to invite your friends than the cassette way? The cassette tape was the '80s gateway to dance and party. To create real unique invites, you can create a tape from a little box and paint it as a cassette. You might even have an old cassette somewhere laying around to use! Write down the details of your party on the back of the tape and you’re good to go!

Decorations for the win!

A themed party calls for extravagant props and garlands. From tinsel to jukeboxes, posters, and screens, the bigger the better!

Turn your space into a giant disco ball

If there’s one thing that’s sure to set the dance mood, it’s the disco ball. You don’t need to paint your home, you can just use silver crepe paper or shiny tinder and hang this all around the place. By placing mirrors in strategic places you can reflect the light of real disco balls to turn the whole room into a flashing arena.

Get screens and play games

The great thing about the ’80s is that there’s no such thing as too much: you can’t overdo this theme! To make your room even more festive you can use screens with disco colors, music videos or games. At online casino you can select various games that perfectly suit the '80s vibe.

To add an extra vibe you can let your guest play casino games at Pronto casino or dance to music videos of Prince, Elvis, or David Bowie. While the screens decorate your room, they also provide great entertainment!

Food is always good!

There’s no party without food. No gluten free bites or organic pies, but potato chips, pizza and Jell-O.

  • Jell-O: for the love of sweet tooths! This blubbery pudding is easy to make and everyone will love it!
  • Sloppy Joes: Sloppy Joes are delicious sandwiches with meat, ketchup, and Worcester sauce and the perfect bite for a dancing night.
  • Pizza rolls: mini pizzas of puff pastry. Just grab and go party!
  • Mac ‘n Cheese: There’s nothing better than starting a party with some mac ‘n cheese. For more than just munchies!

All the way outfit!

After the preparations, it’s time to get dressed! What’s it gonna be? A wig, petticoat, Members Only jacket, or everything all together? Whatever you choose, remember: there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to the ’80s!

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