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What School Was Like in the '80s

With each generation comes new ways of doing things - playing games, learning, and socializing. '80s kids had more freedom to be themselves and face situations head-on. From playing with toy weapons to the freedom of walking in your neighborhood alone, the '80s kid had it made to the point of bringing a bucket of cupcakes to school to celebrate their birthday. Students studied hard to get good grades and succeed in their courses. They might ask their peers to write my essay as they did not have an access to the Internet or other resources. So the learning process was more backbreaking while school weekdays were more enjoyable.

Today, most of these things are not allowed in school and the reasons behind the ban are valid. There is obesity to deal with and injuries to avoid that schools regulations just didn't address in the '80s. However, there are some things available today that were impossible back then. Writing assistance from services like can relieve the stress of trying to get excellent academic performance. This, in turn, lets you get both good grades and worry-free life with time for friends and other activities.

Dance Trends

Moonwalking was a type of popular dance made famous pop star Michael Jackson. He began the dance style in 1983 and continued to perform it throughout his musical career. Kids always want to be on par with the trends in music and dance moves and the moonwalk led most kids to imitate the move for their school friends.

In the evenings and over the weekends, every kid had some important assignment or project to complete. Of course, the Moonwalk was self-assigned by kids everywhere to practice the dance so they could present their new move while roaming the halls or during recess at school.

The Walkman

Before the Walkman craze, music was a little confined to cars or home stereos. Most kids preferred watching television than putting on records when friends were over. Some '80s TV shows were great, no doubt, but sharing music was pretty limited to location for kids. Singing songs in the car drove parents crazy and portable radios were limited to whatever the local radio station was playing.

Then came the Walkman and life suddenly became vibrant. The cassette player was portable and could perfectly fit in your backpack. You could walk with your music wherever your feet could take you. Sharing headphones and cassettes made it much easier to experience music with friends.
Compared to the '80s, today kids have smartphones where new content is uploaded literally every second. Just a swipe of the finger and you have everything from cartoon shows to anime to rhymes to movies and what not. And that has created yet another problem – increased screen time. As kids progress in education, the workload increases and you might notice that the study time also gets affected. Essay writers from EduBirdie are committed to helping you write your essay within the shortest time possible. Anytime you need someone to help you with some of your school or college assignments, you can choose your preferred writer from their list of experienced top writers and get work done.


The '80s kid was eager to celebrate their birthdays at school and share the moment with their classmates. During birthdays, the celebrating kid would bring all types of goodies like chocolates, cupcakes, and candies to school. Now, imagine a school where birthdays become the norm and cakes become the trending thing.

As more school kids were reported to be obese and the dangers of being overweight had become a reality, many schools had to rethink their policies and limit what could be shared for birthdays.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a global holiday when many people’s hearts are filled while others are broken. The emotional day was highly honored by '80s school kids. Kids literally wrote valentine's cards to their secret admirers and passed out enormous amounts of candy.

But schools had to policies in place for distributing cards so one particular kid might receive cards from everyone while another might receive just a few. With schools more aware of emotional problems, especially kids who received less during classroom exchanges, policies changed to make sure all kids received cards and little hearts would not be broken.


The school day is over and your neighbor arrives first to pick up his kids. It was okay with the school administration at the time to hitch a ride with someone that wasn't in your immediate family. Sometimes riding with the family friend meant not going home immediately or even having dinner at their house before you showed up at home later.

School management no longer trusts anyone with your kids and their are strict rules as to who can pick up. If you didn’t sign up at the beginning of the school year, you would not be allowed to make pick ups.


It’s interesting how things change from one generation to the next. What was valued in one generation becomes a thing to laugh about in the next. Today, technology has rapidly increased and school kids rely more on tech gadgets than in the '80s kids. Probably, what’s highly valued today will be disregarded in another 20 years. The best solution is for each generation evolves from lessons learned in previous years.

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