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The Retro Network Time Machine: Random '80s Stuff!

Today on The Retro Network Time Machine podcast, Mickey and I talk about Random '80s Stuff from TV to movies, baseball cards to wrestling, music to games, and more. Listen as the we share memories and other random things from the 1980s that have come across our paths in recent weeks.

One thing I mentioned was a Showbiz Pizza Place newspaper ad from 1986 that I stumbled onto recently. Although I probably only visited Showbiz a handful of times, I fondly remember the restaurant for its arcade machines, play area, and of course, the animatronic band Rockafire Explosion! This ad for a New Year's Eve party sounds like a blast from my perspective now as a parent. "Adults allowed in the Sea of Balls" would be enough motivation for me to buy a ticket.

I also mentioned a recent initiative I had to collect retail store baseball cards. While they weren't the most valuable or sought after sets back in the '80s, seeing the iconic logos of department stores like Hills, Ames, and Kmart is pure eye candy to these nostalgic eyes. Even toy stores like Kay Bee and Toys R' Us produced card sets. Here is the List of 1980s Department Store Baseball Cards Sets I reference during the podcast.

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