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7 Best Fashion Designs With an '80s Twist

Fashion is all about creativity. Anything different done by designers can be stylish as long as the wearer looks and feels good in it. The fashion industry works hand in hand with the beauty industry. For instance, fashion models' faces and hair have to look beautiful to showcase the different designs.

The makeup artists have to work on their faces by applying face powder and lipgloss, shaping their eyebrows, applying their preferred eyeshadows, and maybe finishing up by applying mascara or fake lashes. An alternative for mascara or fake lashes that requires a daily touch-up is lash extensions. They last for up to 8 weeks and are waterproof. Get quality lash extensions from a well-known eyelash extension manufacturer. Check this list of fast fashion that has an '80s twist.


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Florals first originated from Hawaii. These shirts were first considered feminine but currently, you will find men fitting in them all over. Putting on floral wear needs courage. If you put on a floral shirt with confidence, you will be ready to attract attention in the fashion world. Pairing a floral shirt with the correct fashion piece and enthusiasm will make you unique from the crowd.

There are various types of florals but picking the correct one is most important. During your selection, you should consider the size of the prints. They should be smaller. You can Pair a brightly colored floral shirt with dark trousers for a distinctive look. A bright pair of trousers will as well pair perfectly with a dark floral shirt. During summer, bright colors are best and darker hues during winter.

High Waisted Denim

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The prime decade of the famous high-waisted denim was in the 1980s. During this era, they were the talk of the town, and none would miss it on the bucket list. They have recently had a comeback, and they have been a trending fashion. You will spot women in towns and students in universities and colleges putting them on to complete their fashion game. They don’t drag on the ground, making them the most preferred fashion design.

Polka Dots Dress

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Miss America, Norma Smallwood, was the first woman to bring polka dots dress into life. Polka dots dress was trendy in the 80s, but it did not fade away. Currently, they are hitting the headlines in the fashion industry after a few twists are made in them. Polka dots dresses are preferred for their colorful appearance and ease of pairing. Polka dots dress can be paired with a denim or leather jacket to blend well with the colors.

Denim Jackets

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Denim Jackets was first created by Levi Strauss, founder of a denim company in the United States. Denim jackets represent youthfulness and youth culture.


  • They are solid and durable. Even when pulled with a lot of force, no visible damage will occur.
  • They are easy to pair with jeans.
  • They provide the best comfort. Denim jackets are not too warm during summer and too cold during winter.
  • They don’t wrinkle easily
  • They have a good number of styles.

Animal prints Attires

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Before animal prints attires hit the fashion industry, it was a sign of power. Kings and Queens had animal print rugs to signify social status, and hunters also had faith that the animal prints gave them the power of that animal. Interestingly, they believed putting on the skin of a cheetah would provide them with the acceleration of that cheetah. Despite people holding a different thought that it doesn’t give you power, fashion lovers continue to raise demand for animal print everything.

Animal prints Attires will blend well with a solid color. You should not pair them with other patterned attires. Pair them with plain white, black, brown, or khaki. These attires have recently had a big twist. You can find them in a dress, a top, a pair of shoes, a scarf or a bag. The most important thing is how you pair them to give a magnificent look you need.


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They were first put on by the British army for formal clothing as a protective covering. They were worn outside other clothes to protect the inner ones from dirt or any damage. Apart from protecting your clothes, they also protect your body from injuries. Another advantage of overalls is that they will always provide you with warmth all day.

Recently, the fashion industry has customized them with few additions of style. Nowadays, people rock in overalls just like any other ordinary fashion outfit. Pairing them with the right piece will brighten your look.

Oversize T-Shirts

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Oversize shirts are said to have originated from black gang members in California called Cripps and Blood. This gang was in prison, and since prisons couldn’t allow inmates to have belts or shoelaces, their clothes had to look oversized. Just like that, the attire hit the fashion industry with a storm. Recently, they are customized and made of different designs. You will find them everywhere, both in towns and universities.


The fashion industry is so big and dynamic. Every day, designers come up with something new relating to the trends. For example, with the current pandemic, designers took advantage and came up with different kinds of face masks. The masks have additional touches in them, like the names of football clubs, companies' logos, and even cultural hints. Try out on designs with an '80s twist to brighten your look. You will never get disappointed.

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