1986 Board Game 'Thunder Road' Hits Kickstarter With New 'Vendetta' Reboot

Restoration Games is at it again! From the team who brought us the successful Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar Kickstarter campaign comes a brand new project that reboots another '80s board game.

Inspired by the Mad Max films, Thunder Road was published by Milton Bradley in 1986 and featured a endless post-apocalyptic highway of crashing fun for 2-4 players. Watch the following commercial to see if you remember the game:

35 years after its release, Restoration Games is on a mission to bring Thunder Road back to tables with the new reboot Thunder Road: Vendetta!

Thunder Road: Vendetta is  game of fast turns, high interaction, and dicey decisions. Your crew will drive through perilous roads, dodge hazards, slam into other cars, and fire those guns. Or, when all else fails, call in the chopper!

Kickstarter backers will also get an expansion pack with the base game plus access to exclusive stretch goal items which won't be available when the game potentially makes it to the retail market. At publishing time of this article, the campaign is nearly half way to its goal with 20 days to go.

Visit the Thunder Road: Vendetta Kickstarter Campaign now for more detailed information and to help the project become a reality. If you still need convincing, watch this fun animated trailer for the new game...

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