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Take a Hot Tub Time Machine Back to Your Favorite Summer of the '80s

If you are into comedies and John Cusack, Adam Scott, or Craig Robinson tickle your funny bone, then you probably remember the 2010 film Hot Tub Time Machine, which saw the lead cast get into a Jacuzzi that whizzed them back to 1986. The men relived their youths, reveled in teen fashion, and make life-changing decisions. If you wish you could do the same, you don’t need to physically travel to recall some of the most amazing things about 80s vacations, fashions, foods, and other trends. Put your swimsuit on, turn the bubble switch on high, and let your mind wander to one of the most amazing decades of your life.

'80s Summer Vacation TrendsImagine booking a holiday without being able to buy your tickets or conduct research into your chosen destination online! 80s holidays have been described as a bit of surprise, as travelers were mainly dependent on the trustworthiness of travel agencies and a holiday could be made or broken depending on the experience and skill of the staff. Travelers knew little about the quality of the hotels they would be staying at since there were no reviews or photos to check out; they only had the number of stars a hotel had to go from. There were many upsides of Internet-free travel, however, including the greater freedom afforded to travelers. There were fewer limitations in place, you could liquids, perfumes, creams, and other liquid products without worrying about permitted capacities, and the non-existence of phones and other tech distractions meant that families were able to truly bond and ‘be in the present moment’ during their travels.

Hot Summer Fashions

The 8'0s were all about wearing complementary and (especially) contrasting colors such as bright turquoise, red, yellow, and blue, alongside black and white stripes and checks. From short shorts to below-the-length pencil skirts, tube tops, and sleeveless shirts, garments were worn to make a joyful, bold statement that shunned neutrality in favor of vivacity. 80s swimsuits were also bright. Many were made in neon colors and animal prints and styles were so flattering that they retained their trendiness in the summers of the '90s. A few styles that were popular in both decades were high-cut legs, bright colors, and color blocking combinations. Necklines were low and thong-style bathing suits started making their presence felt.

Summer Culinary Experiences

After partying all night at a disco or club, few things were quite as appealing as coming back home and making sloppy joes, or tucking into ‘impossible pie’ kept in the fridge. If you will recall, this pie was simply any dessert made with Bisquick as its crust. The idea was that this ingredient made a bevy of desserts impossibly easy to make, without the need to mix, knead, or roll dough. For elegant evenings on the town, meanwhile, discerning diners from the 80s ordered dishes like beef stroganoff, chicken kiev, or vol au vent. 80s diners were heavily influenced by the sophistication of Joël Robuchon and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and French restaurants were the ultimate choice whether one was vacationing in Europe or the US.

'80s summers were bright, bold, and colorful. They were all about spending time with friends and family, with little additional distraction other than music. They also involved tempting one’s palate with French dishes, in an aim to savor traditional dishes from the land of great chefs like Robuchon.

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