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Top Trends from the '80s

The 1980s as a decade brought with it a great number of different trends. And while times change, fashion adapts, music alters, and life moves on, we can always look back at the '80s and relive some of our favorite trends from the era. From the clothes that were worn to the tunes that played on the radio, the spray in the hair, and the dice on the board, let's have a look at what some of the top trends from the '80s actually were.


So, what were some of the biggest lifestyle trends to come from the 80s?

The Trip to Vegas

It seemed that suddenly, all any college student could think about doing was hopping on a plane to Vegas. It’s hard to blame them, thanks to the fun that this city offers with all of the different casinos. Now, where the Vegas trip may still be an incredibly exciting prospect for many people, there are others who are happy to resort to online gambling instead. This is preferred by many because it means that when you play craps, you can do so from the comfort of your own home.

The same applies to other types of gambling games, such as online bingo. This cafecasino games make it so that if you want to play some bingo for a bit of fun, then it is easier to do so than ever as you can access it right from your phone, tablet, or computer.


Music made the switch from being audible to visual as artists had to undergo massive transitions in the way they performed in order to get recognized on the small screen. Audiences poured love and adoration into their favorite artists who they saw on MTV, and this could make and break careers.


We would be remiss to discuss trends from the 80s and not start with fashion. Some of the best fashion trends include:

Big Hair

All you need to do is Google ‘the 80s,’ and one of the first things that is going to come up in images is someone with big hair. The style absolutely defines the era, as all you had to do was walk down the streets, and you were greeted by what can only be described as perm city. Big bangs and big curls were absolutely essential to your look in the 80s, and the varying styles meant there were plenty of options to choose from.

Ripped Knees

These represent a style trend that can still frequently be seen now. Back in the 80s, if people weren’t wearing tight leggings, they were instead wearing jeans with ripped knees. The worn-out and rugged look of the jeans meant that they gave an air of roguishness, which many people liked. Parents at the time hated it, but this can be said for fashion trends throughout most of history.


Yes, big hair was popular, but so was the mullet. Business in the front and party in the back is how the saying went, and as soon as you see the style, you realize just how accurate that description is. There is still debate about whether or not mullets are cool, but one thing is for certain: they are definitely '80s.


Bending of Genres

Though leg warmers and neon colors may well have been incredibly popular back in the 80s, so too were the excellent musical genres that embraced versatility throughout the decade. This is one of the first instances in a lot of music when it was difficult to pigeonhole certain artists into one genre or another. Music fans were soon able to boast that they were into a massive array of different styles of music thanks to the uniqueness of a lot of '80s tunes.

Pop Musicians Became More Accessible

There was a shift in pop music that occurred throughout the 80s, which can most likely be put down to the popularity of the likes of MTV. A lot of pop acts began to have much more of a focus on public appearances, and as such, there was a large focus on how they were perceived by fans and what their live performance was like.

Some of the biggest artists to dominate in this era included:
  • Madonna: The fact that she has sold over 300 million records throughout her career is a testament to her as a musician and performer. Known for rebellion and bravado, Madonna defines the 80s music scene.
  • Michael Jackson: Going solo after the success of the Jackson 5 was a bold move but there now isn’t anyone in the world who hasn’t heard of Michael Jackson (he even has his own set of trading cards).
  • Prince: You know you are a talented musician when you release an album in the 80s called 1999 that still sounds futuristic in 2022.

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