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Back to the Future Part II Trading Cards

Back in 1989, Topps released Back to the Future Part II trading cards in conjunction with the film's release. Wax packs included 9 cards, one sticker, and one stick of bubble gum.

There were 88 total cards (fitting with the DeLorean's target speed of 88MPH) which mainly featured screenshots from the movie to go with an ongoing story on the back, explaining the events on the front picture. The back also featured a glorious BTTF II logo and teaser for the next card in the set.

Also featured in the card set were some behind the scenes pictures and facts which included some interior shots of Cafe '80s and all of the futuristic cars from the Hill Valley set. A few cards included promo shots of the cast including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Einstein.

There were 11 total stickers to collect in addition to the 88 trading cards. Each sticker also featured the logo with a small circular screen cap just below. One exception is the last sticker which was landscape style and just featured a flying DeLorean. The back of the last sticker also featured a picture of the completed puzzle which you could make with the backs of the other 10 stickers.

I got to open a pack of Back to the Future Part II trading cards during season one of the Wax Pack Flashback series on TRN TV YouTube channel. Take a look at the cards I found in the video below and subscribe to the channel to watch new openings weekly.

Info and pictures courtesy Trading Card Database

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