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TV Show Favorites That Aired in the 80s

When looking back at the 80s, there are a lot of great memories to remember. In this article, we are going to bring you down memory lane, helping you to remember your favorite TV shows, no matter your age at that time.

We truly believe that we all loved these shows at some point. So, take a break from the NFL betting site where you read the picks against the spread for the upcoming season, and find one of these lovely '80s treasures to watch instead.

Little House on the Prairie (1974-83)

The family in the series resided in a tiny Minnesotan community in the 1880s. Michael Landon and Karen Grassle played the parts of the parents, while Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, and Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush took on the roles of the three children.

Aprons and a clear understanding of who the good folks were—Laura and the entire Ingalls family—and who the bad ones were—Nellie! Additionally, there is a lifelong fondness for popcorn, cozying up with relatives, and brown-haired males. The opening music is still fresh in our minds.

Family Ties (1982-89)

Steven and Elyse Keaton lived in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan and his administration. Raising their three children, Alex, Mallory, and Jennifer, Steven and Elyse are liberal hippies. Steven, a native of New York, is the station manager for the local TV station WKS, and Elyse is a self-employed architect.

A favorite included shoulder pads, high hair, and kids rebelling against their hippy parents. This was before we started to properly appreciate how traditional and aspirational the character Alex P. Keaton played by Michael J. Fox was.

Fame (1982-87)

Let us take a trip to the Fame school, where everyone had a talent for something and paid with blood, sweat, and tears. Leroy, Julie, Bruno, Coco, Holly, and Danny were the classmates we all dreamed of having. Additionally, we loved the wardrobe inspiration we got from these amazing dancers: gray sweaters, leg warmers, and shorts that were worn on top of leggings. Fame will make me live forever!

In retrospect, Janet Jackson has been the artist in the series who has had the most success. Although actress Lori Singer also had her breakout role in this series.

The Cosby Show (1984-92)

One of the most-watched TV shows of all time, The Cosby Show has been broadcast in many nations. Five years in a row, it was the most viewed television program in the country (1985-1989). They share this record with the sitcom All in the Family and the talent show American Idol.

From a modern point of view, we may well marvel how the Huxtable family managed to constantly have someone at home and have so much money and energy when they have five kids and two jobs! We might have missed this point from the story, but we for sure noticed Denise and wanted her as our hip and older sister.

The Wonder Years (1988-93)

The TV series depicts the social life, and family life, of a boy in a stereotypical American family living in a suburb between 1968 and 1973. It is never made clear where the Arnold family truly lives, other than that it is in a suburb.

It was very amusing how nostalgic we could be for a period we had no connection to—the 1960s. As our parents agreed, the music was excellent (Joe Cockers, "With a little help from my pals"). Not to mention, we experienced the love Kevin Arnold, and his close pals did.

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