Why Card Games Were So Popular in the 80s

Why card games were so popular in the 80s

Do you still remember the board games and card games you used to play in the ‘80s? If you belong to that incredible era, you will know that most of our entertainment time was spent either outdoors or around the table playing card games with the people we loved.

But what is it about card games that made them so popular during the 80s? Continue reading for some further insight:

We weren’t obsessed with technology back then

There is only one place to begin, and this is the fact that we were not obsessed with technology back in the ‘80s.

Playing computer games at home was only just beginning to take off during the 80s and for a lot of families back then they only had one TV set for the entire house so they would rather use it for watching 80s TV gameshows than hooking up an expensive Atari to play Space Invaders. For most people in the 80s the likes of Teletext was about as advance as technology went in their house.

Today, it seems like we cannot go five minutes without checking our emails or browsing through social media. It is fair to say that the vast majority of us cannot imagine our lives without these handy gadgets and yet back then people managed just fine without having to be kept up to date with the latest news or finding out what their friends were up to each day.

Because of this, a lot of people also seem to spend their spare time playing video games and battling friends on their favorite video consoles.

These forms of entertainment were not really around in the ‘80s. Instead, we had fun with friends and family by playing card games and board games.

People started to become more enthralled by the strategy of these popular card games

Not only did people have great fun playing different card games, but they started to really delve deeper into the strategy behind these games.

A lot of books were authored during this period, giving people tips and advice on how to play their favorite card games.

From following the perfect blackjack strategy to tips on keeping a poker face, people really enjoyed perfecting their craft and taking their enjoyment to the next level. Of course, this is not something we have lost interest in, but the fire was really lit during the 1980s for getting a deeper understanding and perfecting our approach.

Many different types of card games became popular during this period

Last but not least, card games were such a hit during the 1980s because more and more games were invented. Of course, you had all of the popular and obvious games, but there were plenty of others to get your teeth stuck into as well.

A good example is Contract Bridge. This is a card game that has a standard deck containing 52 cards. Four players can play, using their memory, probability, tactics, and communication skills.

We also saw Gin Rummy experience a resurgence in popularity during this period. One of the oldest card games, different variations came to light during the 1980s.

The popularity of card games during the 1980s

There is no denying that card games were incredibly popular during the ‘80s. They continue to be so today. Of course, we have seen a shift in the way that card games are played, with a lot of people choosing to play such games online rather than in person. However, the original appeal that these games had still remains to this day!

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