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VHS FINDS: Ocean Waves (1985)

When VHS became the dominant format for home video in the early '80s, there were several production companies they came up unique videos. One such company was Video Naturals which released several tapes to turn your television into a relaxing background companion.

Video Naturals were one of the earliest companies to release a Video Aquarium and a Video Fireplace. Another was called Light Sculpture which featured a dark background and moving lights resembling the Northern Lights. Another was Your Christmas Yule Log Fireplace which added Christmas music to the fireplace experience. (I found that last year and uploaded to YouTube.)

My most recent find is Ocean Waves which is self explanatory. What I thought was interesting is there is no logo or intro titles on the video. It just goes right into the wave sounds and video. At the end of the tape, there is a quick promo for the other titles that very available at the time. Here is the box art:


Sit back and enjoy 60 minutes of pure beach bliss with my recent VHS find, Ocean Waves!

Watch me reveal my VHS finds during episodes of the Thrift Store Horde YouTube series on TRN TV.

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