Bodacious Breakdown: 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol

The MTV era of music was by far the best and gave us thousands of great (and not so great) music videos to accompany our favorite songs on the radio. As a fun way to rediscover these weird, ground-breaking, sexy, epic, and just plain fun visual masterpieces, I'm offering my very own Bodacious Breakdowns which include stills from the video and my off-beat commentary. The featured video will either be selected at random or suggested by you!

Billy Idol "White Wedding" 
Released: 1982
Album: Billy Idol
Peak Position on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart: #36

"White Wedding" was the follow-up to Billy Idol's debut sing "Dancing With Myself." While it did not chart very high, it has become one of his signature hits and part of pop culture throughout the years thanks to movies like The Wedding Singer. The single is actually "Part 1" of a 2-part song with the full version rarely getting airplay.

The music video which features a goth wedding is one of his most well known among the MTV generation. The video is directed by David Mallet who would also film "Eyes Without a Face and "Catch My Fall." Idol didn't have much cash at the time so Mallet, who also worked with David Bowie and Queen, cut him a break on the fee. The bride in the video was played by Perri Lister, who was Billy's girlfriend at the time.

Let's start the breakdown by first rediscovering the music video. Then, scroll down for what popped in my head while I watched it...


0:10 - I didn't realize the proper way to welcome the bride at a goth wedding was leather twerking.

0:17 - I guess Street Hawk finally decided to give up the night vigilante routine and settle down.

0:19 - Pardon me, Miss, but do you have any Grey Poupon?

0:24 - This chapel is not safe. Ninja grave robbers are afoot.

0:32 - I thought the bride was suppose to wear the veil.

0:50 - You may kiss the bri...UGH!!! BILLY!!! If I had wanted to kiss cigarette breath, I would've married the Marlboro Man!

0:55 - Look, that cigarette breath sent her straight to the ER.

1:04 - Those must be trick nails, they keep popping back up after being hammered down.

1:15 - That might not have been cigarette smoke. Maybe the plan was to get her high enough that she won't object to marrying him.

1:23 - "Geeks on the left and Freaks on the right, please."

1:27 - "I said, geeks on the left and freaks on the right. You two, the Super Denim Brothers, you'll need to move your 501s to the other side of the aisle.

1:37 - If there is one thing I've learned from the '70s, it's love hurts.

1:52 - How can we make Billy earn sainthood? Just superimpose his face on a stained glass window.

1:54 - Or, we just drive a motorcycle through it.

2:06 - I wonder if this was in the wedding planner's schedule? "So, right after the ceremony, we'll bring in the Catwomen to dance and while you jam out of the guitar for a few minutes."

2:36 - How does the bride choose to celebrate? "I'm gonna head back to the house and dance around in the kitchen before the moving truck arrives."

2:38 - Always be sure to test your wedding gifts for defects before presenting to the bride and groom.

3:00 - "Hey Hon? We did get the extended home replacement insurance policy right?"

3:17 - "Start again?" Maybe you should try again with a traditional wedding.

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