40th Anniversary of Airwolf


Rediscover the 80s is elated to be celebrating the 40th anniversary of this exciting and amazing series ... Airwolf!  Yes, on this day, January 22, 1984, Shadow of the Hawke premiered as a two part series with Dr Charles Henry Moffett (although Harlan Jenkins might argue this fact) debuting his engineer and test piloting this unique military aircraft.

Thrusting us with it's capabilities, we learned that the designer utilized the Firm's funding to build and then steal this prototype for his own bidding.  Only a reclusive test pilot and his older, father figure-like companion named Dominic Santini are able to slither their way into Libya and retake this one-of-a-kind aircraft and return it to the United States.  However, that also begins the continual saga as the lone test pilot, Stringfellow Hawke, retains this highly advanced helicopter in a secluded "lair" until the Firm is able to hold their end of the bargain...to return St. John Hawke, Stringfellow's missing in action brother, is returned.

Airwolf suckered most of the viewers in during the era of Sci-Fi and vehicular stars of the 1980s.  Airwolf was the next chapter in the impossible, yet dreamable vehicles producing not just a captivating television audience but the children's toys and models to continue the love of this fantastic show.  This beautiful machine was a jet-powered, electronically advanced, combat helicopter capable of reaching speeds of Mach 2 (with the "lid removed) and an altitude of 86,500 feet.

Episode after episode brought incredible stories, sometimes new dynamics, and even rivals such as the HX-1, Airwolf II (aka Redwolf), and the Loki device.  Even various human opponents attempted to capture Airwolf such as David Bradford Horne, D.G. Bogard, and a few nefarious enemies in between the blasts and sunbursts.

As season three concluded and season four emerged, we were introduced to an entire new team while seeing the successful rescue of Strongfellow's lost brother, St. John!  However, a new crew at the Firm, now called the Company, and Dominic Santini's niece have miraculously discovered Airwolf in her lair and acquired this unique aircraft for their own set of missions keeping us as equally entertained.

40 years seems like a long time ago since the debut of this truly exciting and remarkable television show, yet it still holds firm as beloved show for fans worldwide.

The original primary Airwolf cast:
Jan-Michael Vincent ... Stringfellow Hawke
Ernest Borgnine ... Dominic Santini
Alex Cord ... Michael Coldsmith Briggs III "Archangel"
Jean Bruce Scott ... Caitlin O'Shannessey
The season 4 Airwolf cast:
Barry Van Dyke ... St. John Hawke
Anthony Sherwood ... Jason Locke
Geraint Wyn Davies ... Major Mike Rivers
Michelle Scarabelli ... Jo Santini

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