Analog Terms in a Digital Age

Throughout our day-to-day adventures, words are spoken with a select few which intrigue us, ceasing our attention, especially those of us who remember the analog days.

While many of the words or phrases generate songs or scenes from movies or television shows in the minds eye, a few of them are carved out exclusively as old, nearly forgotten terms yet utilized in our modern, digital age.  Here are just a few examples which have recently been in the forefront of this very discussion.

For instance the term "tape;" when we record any kind of audio or video, we use the word tape as a verb.  "We taped the game last night."  "We taped our broadcast for later."  This term is commonly heard still to this day and is strongly used in the broadcast realm.

Another term heard quite prevalent is "paperwork."  In fairness, many businesses still utilize paper, in fact an electric motor service center still uses paper billing registers, like the one pictured, in our hometown! 

Nevertheless, when we complete forms in the doctor's office, fill out the annual tax forms, student registration, car and home buying, etc, the phrases uttered are "doing the paperwork," "Digging through the paperwork," or "We have lots of paperwork to complete."

"Listening to the radio" is a phrase that is a little mixed; however the term tends to surface more abundantly when people are listening on their digital devices.  Whether it be a podcast or even a streaming video, the sentences are similar to "I'm listening to the radio" or "Wait, let me turn off my radio" when they are actually listening to the audio, music, or even video on their smartphone.  However, this terminology is intermixed as there are many of us that still listen to the AM/FM radio within our vehicles, at the very least.
Not to be confused with a studio apartment, nonetheless the term "studio" has stepped through an entire century.  Once upon a time, it was a large room for the old radio shows which originated in grand studio rooms.  Think of the Three Stooges Short titled Micro-Phonies (pictured above) or even classic television shows where a radio broadcast is depicted as the broadcaster or even the actor/actresses are verbally acting out the show.  Moving ahead, recording studios for the music artist, the television studios where our shows and movies originated; even radio station studios are nothing more than a room with a desk of equipment and a few microphones.  In today's modern videos to include the recent episode of Memory Jogger, when we say "our studios" they are, in fact, now digitally generated in which a green screen camouflages the bare, studded wall behind the broadcaster, yet we still say that we "are coming to you from our studio."

The term "album" is a nearly forgotten term, even when used as a photo album.  However, the word seems to be returning from near extinction as that word does pop up when carefully heard amongst the latest generation of teenagers.  Still scarce, yet when I am DJ'ing, in particular, that very word has surfaced when the youngsters are conversing about a modern day artist and their wanting to get the latest "album download."

Are there analog terms that are used in this digital age?  Please share them!

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  1. One I thought of was dialing a phone number, even though nowadays it's usually tapping your phone's screen and no one's actually seen a number dial in years.

  2. Great point! We do still "dial" numbers.


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