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Recurrent Events 11/27/15: 'Gremlins 3' Will Be A Sequel, Ecto-Cooler Trademark Renewed, Kevin Bacon In New 'Tremors' TV Series

Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! Happy Thanksgiving! A little late but I hope everyone got to eat some turkey with their family yesterday and celebrate our blessings.

I had some technically difficulties with this week's podcast in that Google Hangouts decided to omit 3 of the topics in playback. My apologies to the guests, but I was able to salvage two topics so take a listen. Hopefully the other topics can be recovered and I'll insert those at a later date. Stream the podcast below and please subscribe on your favorite podcast app. For Android users, Google Play will be offering podcasts soon and I've preregistered both the Recurrent Events and RD80s podcasts. I'll give you a heads up when they become available.

Headlines this week include the Lost in Space TV series reboot at Netflix plus a fun holiday topic as we discuss some remakes that we are actually thankful for. Guests include Erik Tukey (@boulderhillnet), Brain "Hail Mary" Morin (@bmorin54), Chad E. Young (@horrormoviebbq) and Wyatt Bloom (@infamouswb). Stream the latest episode above or visit the Recurrent Events Podcast webpage. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.

Check out the articles posted this week on RD80s:

The A.V. Club led me to a video this week that I had not seen before. With Star Wars on everyone's mind, they explored a few obscure references to the film which included a skit in the short-lived "Richard Pryor Show" in 1977. It features Pryor working in the Cantina bar and having to deal with all the different creatures. Hilarious!

Video of the Week
"Richard Pryor - Star Wars Bar" by almostpink

Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events for Nov 20, 2015!

Gremlins 3 won't be a remake or reboot - Den of Geek
EXCLUSIVE: On the Sets of 10 '80s Movies That Launched Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon ... - ET Online
Top 8 Movies of the '80s That Still Hold Up Today - KTNV
'Aliens' star Michael Biehn just spilled some intriguing details about 'Alien 5's' plot - Hitfix
So Bad It’s Good: The Hilarious Jingoism of ‘Rocky IV’ - Flavorwire
12 Intense Facts About ‘Platoon’ - mental_floss
Paramount sets up writers rooms for future G.I. Joe and Micronauts movies - A.V. Club
Rifftrax takes on The Wizard, the classic 100-minute Nintendo ad - Polygon
Once You See Superman III Reimagined As A Horror Film, You'll Never See It The Same Again - io9

HOLD EVERYTHING. Is Ecto-Cooler Coming Back?! - io9
Remember That Time Rocky Balboa (Briefly) Joined G.I. Joe? - UPROXX
Wooden Block Transformers Are Baby’s First Optimus Prime - Gizmodo
Be A Friend: Buy That Special Someone In Your Life ‘Golden Girls’ Granny Panties - UPROXX
15 Things That Only 80s Kids Understand! - PlayBuzz

If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive!


Infographic Remembers How Difficult It Was To Find Someone In The '80s

Technology has progressed so much since the '80s that I think it's fun to remember "how we used to do it" just 3 decades ago. I recently come across an infographic from Whitepages UK that took me back to the time of digging through the phone book and writing letters to track down old friends.

Thumbing through the phone book might find you a list of names to call with your Garfield phone, In the US, some addresses still used rural routes which meant cross-referencing with a street or neighborhood wasn't possible. Writing letters through the mail took time and also had no guarantee that the wrong person receiving the letter would take the time to right you back and tell you the long lost person in question had moved. 

If you really wanted to stalk track down a person like they did in '80s movies or TV detective shows, you could always sift through public records at your local city hall or hire the local Magnum, P.I. wannabe. But thanks to internet search capabilities and social media, the hard work of finding someone has become as easy as swiping a finger. Check out the infographic below produced by telephone directory website Whitepages below….

How to find someone
Image source: Whitepages - How to find someone with the edited Electoral Roll


Watch The '80s Thanksgiving Special That Launched Nickelodeon Animation

Before Nicktoons launched in the early '90s and debuted original animated shows like Rugrats and The Ren & Stimpy Show, Nickelodeon primarily broadcasted reruns of older cartoons or imported shows from foreign companies. Nick did use original animation during their commercial breaks like all those Doo-Wop Bumpers, but it wasn't until 1989 that the first original animated special was produced.

Nickelodeon first dabbled into animation with the Christmas in Tattertown special released in 1988. Ralph Bakshi Productions created the special for Nickelodeon, but it wasn't until the following year that the first in-house project happened. Nick's Thanksgiving Fest released in Nov 1989 was the first Nickelodeon project for Vanessa Coffey who later became executive producer for Doug, Rugrats, The Ren & Stimpy Show, and Rocko's Modern Life.

The half-hour special consisted of two parts "Thanksgiving Nightmare" and "Thanksgiving Dreams" which were interwoven with several mini-segments. These small gags were really the forerunners of Nick animation to come. Despite the average ratings, Nick's Thanksgiving Fest gave executives enough to move forward with original animated content that now has a 25-year legacy. Enjoy rediscovering this forgotten Thanksgiving special that truly launched Nickelodeon animation.


'Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library 1985-1995' Now On Kickstarter

750 game cartridges. 450 pages. 1 comprehensive 8-bit guide to Nintendo Entertainment System enlightenment. Now being funded through Kickstarter is the Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library 1985-1995. The hardcover book will contain a complete listing of all the licensed and unlicensed games produced for the NES between 1985-1995, a fitting tribute to the console's 30th anniversary! 

Get detailed information on each game including release date, publisher, and an availability star rating. Of course, each page also some great photos of actual cartridges along with screenshots of the title screen and gameplay.
Author Pat Conti and 8 other contributing authors give reviews of each game along with contributing articles. Here a glimpse at the book's sections:
  • 750+ North American game reviews and reflections 
  • 30+ PAL exclusive reviews 
  • 10 HES exclusive reviews 
  • Test cart overview 
  • Promo/special game carts 
  • North American game cart variants 
  • Popular NES controllers and accessories 
  • Supplemental Articles

Supporting articles will include:
  • "Horror on the NES" by James Rolfe 
  • "How the NES Zapper Works by Joey Desena
  • "In Their Words - The NES Launch" by Frank Cifaldi
  • "Color Dreams and Wisdom Tree" by Karen Niemla
  • "Tengen and the Nintendo Lawsuit" by Norm Caruso
  • "The Dragon Warrior Giveaway" by Pat Contri 
  • "Nintendo's Censorship Hypocrisy" by Pat Contri 
  • "From Plastic to Pixels" by Dan Eardley
  • "Why Was Music So Good on the NES?" by Brent Black

    The good news is the project has been funded after just 2 days! Support the Kickstarter campaign now at the $30 level for a digital copy or $60 for a physical copy. Also check out the glorious bok cover below:


    PBS Explores The Secret of Frogger In New Video

    The latest episode of PBS Game/Show explores the secret of Frogger and its impact on modern games. It's no secret that Frogger is one of my favorite video games of the '80s and it's impact even ventured beyond the arcade even then, with its animated adaptation on Saturday Supercade.

    Frogger's unique "top down" viewpoint continues to thrive in today's gaming world. Games like Crossy Road even uses Frogger's basic concept in its gameplay. Watch Jamin's review below as he explains the secret to Frogger's success...

    Subscribe to PBS Game/Show on YouTube.


    Download 'Thriller' For FREE on Google Play Through Nov 27

    November 30 marks the 33rd anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson's Thriller album. Winning 8 Grammy awards and selling over 50 million copies worldwide, Thriller is easily the most decorated and best-selling album of all time.

    If you still have not converted your record, cassette, or CD copy over to digital, now is the perfect time. Google Play is offering a FREE download of the album to US residents beginning Nov 20 through Nov 27. Click here to have a "thrilling" Thanksgiving in 2015.

    Recurrent Events 11/20/15: Val Kilmer in 'Top Gun 2', Creating Pepsi Perfect, Carly Rae Jepsen Covers Wham!

    Welcome to your weekly source for retro pop culture news, the Recurrent Events! This week had a few headlines to offer, but for the most part offered little to write home to mom about (or at least message on Facebook.) That didn't stop us from talking about several stories on the new podcast.

    I posted new Watch & Win video review and giveaway just yesterday featuring a super cool Star Wars advent calendar courtesy Entertainment Earth. Please take a minute to watch the review and enter!

    Take a listen to this week's podcast and please subscribe on your favorite app. For Android users, Google Play will be offering podcasts soon and I've preregistered both the Recurrent Events and RD80s podcasts. I'll give you a heads up when they become available.

    Headlines this week include Val Kilmer joining 'Top Gun 2,' 'The Wrestling Album' turns 30, Slimer in the 'Ghostbusters' remake, Battletoads soundtrack on vinyl, Super Star Wars on PS4, and new biopic on the creator of Tetris. Guests including for the first time Will West (@williambwest) and returning to the show were Chad E. Young (@horrormoviebbq) and Wyatt Bloom (@infamouswb). Stream the latest episode above or visit the Recurrent Events Podcast webpage. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher or iTunes.

    Check out the articles posted this week on RD80s:

    Refinery 29 led me to the Video of the Week which was a montage of '80s TV commercial footage set to Flock of Seagulls...a match made in heaven if you ask me.

    Video of the Week
    "The 80s" by g1MisterBo

    Here are the rest of the Recurrent Events for Nov 20, 2015!

    Top Gun 2: Val Kilmer confirms he's just said yes - Den of Geek
    Read This: The visual development of Darth Vader - A.V. Club
    RIP Michael Gross, Creator Of The Ghostbusters Logo - Gizmodo
    Sylvester Stallone would hand over the Rambo reins to Ryan Gosling - A.V. Club
    Logan's Run remake to be Hunger Games-style franchise - Den of Geek
    MY LITTLE PONY Will Ride Into a Theater Near You in 2017 - Nerdist
    The director of X-Men: The Last Stand is making a Tetris origins movie - Polygon
    Spaceballs affectionately takes the biggest film franchise down a notch - A.V. Club
    Ridley Scott Reveals the First Scene From Blade Runner 2 - io9
    RoboCop (1987): behind the scenes images from the production - Den of Geek
    Five 80s Movie Pairings We'd Rather See Reunited Than 'Top Gun's' Maverick and Iceman - Pajiba
    Matthew McConaughey Offered Role in Stephen King’s THE DARK TOWER - Nerdist
    18 Lines From "The Princess Bride" That You Definitely Still Quote - BuzzFeed Rewind
    How John Williams Brought ‘Home Alone’ To Life Through Music - UPROXX
    The Karate Kid's villain speaks out against bullying - Polygon
    ‘Ghostbusters’: Slimer to Make an Appearance?! - Bloody Disgusting
    Creating Vigo the Carpathian, and the 'Ghostbusters II' Ending You Never Saw - mental_floss
    Five Films From The 1980s That Need An All-Female Remake - Flickering Myth
    Here Are 5 Things You Didn't Know About 'Friday the 13th' -Yahoo! Movies

    Aziz Ansari Finally Buries The Hatchet With Johnny Five From ‘Short Circuit’ - UPROXX
    It’s the 37th anniversary of the Star Wars holiday special everyone wishes never happened - A.V. Club



    This tiny arcade machine is the coolest way to play old-school games - Mashable
    Revisit all of Atari in the new Atari Book - RetroCollect
    Ms. Pac-Man Is a Feminist, and Three More Daring Video Game Arguments - Kotaku
    18 Vintage Video Game Ads That Would Never Fly Today - BuzzFeed
    The best Super NES 'Star Wars' game comes to PlayStation this week - Mashable
    This Battletoads Original Soundtrack LP At Least Will Be Easier To Play Than The Game Itself! - Retroist
    These Classic Macintosh Peripherals Are Absolutely Bonkers - Gizmodo

    POP CULTUREThe Pepsi Perfect design team had to modify the silhouette of the bottle because the movie version tapered too much along the side.
    Behind the Scenes of Recreating Pepsi Perfect - Inverse
    How 80s Is Your Current Style? - PlayBuzz
    Dr Pepper went all dystopian future during the 1980s cola wars - A.V. Club
    It's So Wonderfully Easy To Cheat With a Lego Rubik's Cube - Gizmodo
    Top 8 knock-off toys 1980s kids didn't want - ABC Action News
    Check Out This Fan Made TRON Light Cycle Board Game! - Retroist

    If you missed last week's wrapup or podcast, visit the Recurrent Events archive!


    Watch & Win: Star Wars 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar Featuring Yoda

    Christmas season is almost here (in some cases, already here) and it's time to gift another great prize in our Watch & Win review series. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be making its debut in theaters in less than a month so here is the perfect item to help you count down the days! Thanks to Entertainment Earth, one lucky fan will receive the Star Wars 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar this holiday season.

    The calendar features 24 individual drawers to help you count down the days to Christmas. Insert an action figure or a small Christmasy thing into each of the numbered drawers to keep track of the days. The solid construction should keep this fun display of Santa Yoda in your home for years to come. Before entering the giveaway below, check out my review video...

    Check out Jason's review below and then stick around for the giveaway details!

    Use the Rafflecopter widget below to earn up to 8 entries into the giveaway contest right now. Winner will be chosen November 27, 2015 and must be a US resident. Winner will be selected at random, emailed, and must respond within 24 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen.

    Visit Entertainment Earth to order your own Star Wars 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar now or explore even more Star Wars holiday items!

    Subscribe to RD80s on YouTube to watch past reviews of all the rad stuff we've given away!


    Helen Slater Makes An Appearance In Latest 'Supergirl' Episode

    The new Supergirl television series on CBS featured a familiar face in this week's episode. Helen Slater, who played the title character in the 1984 feature film, guest starred in the latest episode as Kara's stepmom. Her appearance might not be all smiles after reading the "Livewire" episode's plot:
    Kara's Thanksgiving may be ruined when she suspects her foster mother, Dr. Danvers, who is coming to town, disapproves of her new role as a superhero.

    Current star Melissa Benoist tweeted a picture back in March featuring her with Slater, but it wasn't until a few days ago that CBS formerly teased their appearance on camera together.

    With the recent Paris attacks dominating the headlines, the lighter Thanksgiving-themed episode was moved up to air this week. Watch the "Livewire" episode now at or on the new CBS All Access streaming channel. Share your thoughts on the episode and new series in the comments.

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