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Streaming The 80s: Back To The Risky Gremlin Adventure

They're baaaaaaaack! Yes, THEY and hopefully better than ever. My monthly review of new Netflix titles which was previously called the "Netflix '80s Fix" has now become the "Streaming The '80s!" Why you ask? Partly because I finally have an Amazon Prime streaming account so I'll be adding new titles from that streaming service to each monthly post. But the change mostly happened because Netflix crapped on October and gave us only two new '80s titles to watch.

So with that, it's time for a new logo! With a new name comes a new video cassette logo, customized for each month with sharpie headlines written on the tape instead of movie posters like I used to do. I'll still be keeping the same layout, except this time you'll need to check whether the new titles are on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Also, instead of just a top 20 list for Netflix, you'll be getting two top 10 lists for both Netflix and Amazon.

For those of you who remember the short-lived 1986-87 animated series The Popples, Netflix will be releasing their rebooted series on October 30, 2015. If you would like to rediscover the original cartoon, check out this YouTube playlist that features the first 20 episodes.

Back To The Future (1985)
Rated PG Amazon Prime
Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is blasted to 1955 in the time machine created by Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and finds himself in a time-shattering situation that jeopardizes his future.

Part II and Part III are also available on Amazon Prime for the entire month. Rediscover this classic trilogy as we approach BTTF Day on October 21, 2015, the actual date Marty visits in Part II. 

Risky Business (1983)
Rated R Netflix
With his parents on vacation, teen Joel goes wild and gets into one mess after another, prompting his desperate attempt to make lots of money fast.

I was never really a fan of this movie. It's probably because I was too young when it came out and didn't see it until the '90s. Nonetheless, the "Old Time Rock and Roll" lip-sync scene remains one of the most iconic of the '80s and Tom Cruise's career.

Gremlins (1984)
Rated PG Amazon Prime
A small town is besieged by some furry and not-so-cute little creatures after a young man ignores the warnings of a wise elder regarding their care and feeding.

It's been years since I've watch Gremlins which I'm sad to say. I'm anxious to revisit the PG horror classic since we are approaching Halloween (even though I guess it's more of a Christmas movie.) I also want to see if my boys are ready for it even though I saw it at a pretty young age.

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
Rated PG Amazon Prime
This surprise hit showcases nerdy superstar Pee-wee Herman in a mad-cap comedy-adventure about a unique "rebel" who takes to the road to track down the kidnappers of his beloved bicycle.

Pee-Wee's big bike-stealing adventure moves from Netfilx to Prime this month. I think I've watched it at least 3 times in the past couple months with my boys and they loved it. Although, they were introduced to the Playhouse first which I think helped their interest.

Teen Wolf Too (1987)
Rated PG Amazon Prime
The further comic adventures of a teenage werewolf as Todd Howard's younger werewolf cousin goes to college on a sports scholarship.

It's been several years since I've watched the original, so I'll probably wait to rediscover the sequel. If my memory serves me well (which it does on occasion), I think Jason Bateman's version paled in comparison to Michael J. Fox's version.

'80s Pop Ten Lists
Here are the 10 most popular '80s movies or TV shows currently available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Since the Prime list is new, I'll have the previous location on the list only for Netflix this month.

Removed from Netflix was Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

Amazon Prime

If you've missed last month's post, visit the Netflix '80s Fix archive. Most featured titles should still be available to stream. Also, feel free to comment with any movies or shows you've recently rediscovered on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Iconic Cars of the 80s: The Boxcars

Millions of cars were manufactured throughout the 1980s. What a way to debut an article series, right? But when you think of 80s cars, what comes to your mind? Do you think of TV or movie cars like the Back To The Future Delorean, Ecto-1, The General Lee, or K.I.T.T.? Or do you think of the cars that we (or perhaps our parents) drove day-to-day or commonly passed along the roadway?

This article is the first in a series of posts titled "Iconic Cars of the 80s" in whcih we will take a look at several categories that will define "iconic" cars outside of the Hollywood realm. Where did my inspiration come from? I won't lie. I recently read an article on Popular Mechanics entitled 10 Great '80s Cars That Time Forgot, and it struck me that while there were some great vehicles in their list, only one of them really seemed to be an '80s icon. Thus, that was the reason for these upcoming articles. As I began to write, however, there are more thab just a few cars that were the torch bearers.

What were the ones that cemented the 80s era? When you see a particular car from the 80s, do you automatically say "that's an 80s car" contrary to your own opinion or bias of the actual car? Or perhaps do you hear ad jingles or TV themes playing in your mind? No, just me?

Please do not let this post steer you into what were the most reliable, sportiest, and so on. Rather, my intent is to highlight cars that seemed to cry out "I'm a car of the 80s!" and with that, we begin the Iconic Cars of the 80s adventure with what I refer to as The Boxcars.

Where would we be without the squared off so-called box-shaped cars that appeared as if they could take on a brick wall or at least New York City traffic? Although the oil embargo and the thirst for emission controls thrust many automakers into smaller vehicles, the large and in-charge cars seemed to be a staple during much of the 80s and led them to be classified as Iconic Cars of the 80s.

Chrysler crafted a series of rear-wheel drive boxcars best known as the Chrysler New Yorker, Dodge Diplomat, and Plymouth Gran Fury. These cars were prodcued from 1982-1989 and were commonly recognized as police cars or taxi-cabs. With Chrysler focusing more on their front-wheel drive economy cars and a lack luster mileage range compared to its competitors, these gentle giants were retired before the turn of the decade.

The Ford LTD and sister cars the Mercury Marquis and Lincoln Town Car began as box cars in 1979 and were produced through 1982 offering three V-8 engines (255, 302 and 351.) Though big to us, it was actually "downsized" from its previous model, shaving off 15 inches in length and shedding 400 lbs of curb weight. However this Panther platform was short lived and ushered in the Fox platform models. Nonetheless, this model of the Ford LTD did become iconic with its heavily modified Wagon Queen Family Truckster version from National Lampoon's Vacation and in the 1997 film Men in Black.

The Fox platform Ford LTD and Mercury Marquis took the reigns from 1983-1986 with its chiseled nose and newer design. This was also an iconic era as Ford continued to cling onto the rear-wheel drive vehicle before retiring these platforms for a time when the competition was gaining sales with front-wheel drive, more economical cars.

General Motors continued to keep the rear-wheel drive cars around as well, having a few more options available. The redesigned models for the new '80s decade featured tapering front ends while shaving off 100 lbs of weight. GM offered multiple flavors of cars such as the Buick LeSabre (and the station wagon model, the Estate), Cadillac DeVille with a two-door Coupe deVille also available, Chevrolet Caprice, Oldsmobile Delta 88, and Pontiac Parisienne. Each car offered a V-6, three different V-8s, and a diesel powerplant to go with two-door, four-door, or station wagon models.

Remember driving or riding one of these monsters? Miss one of your favorites? Join in the conversation in the comments section below and be sure to come back for the next "Iconic Cars of the 80s" article: The Hatchback Brigade.

Images and Credits:, -That Harford Guy,,,,,,,,,


Pepsi Announces Limited Edition Pepsi Perfect Bottle From 'Back To The Future Part II'

Pepsi announced today in a new video that they will be commemorating Back To The Future's 30th anniversary! The choice of the 2K generation will be producing a limited run of 6,500 bottles of "Pepsi Perfect" as seen in Part II of the trilogy. According to USA Today, the bottles will be sold online for around $20 each on October 21, 2015. Fans should connect with Pepsi social media accounts for more information leading up to the date such as the exact place to purchase online.

If you will be attending New York Comic Con this week, BTTF fans can dress up as Marty McFly because Pepsi will be distributing 1,500 bottles to "complete Marty's look."

Catch up on the other 30th anniversary Back To The Future goodies:

'Back To The Future' Official 30th Goodies Include Complete Adventures Blu-ray, Visual History Book, And Vinyl Picture Disc Soundtrack

More Back To The Future 30th Goodies Include New Documentary, Short Film With Doc Brown, Video Game Re-Release


The Weekly Links: 'Lethal Weapon' TV Series, Sean Astin Wants 'Goonies 2', Chris Cornell Covers Prince/Sinead O'Connor

Welcome to another edition of The Weekly Links, your weekly source for the best '80s content on the web! The Rediscover the '80s website is officially 4 years old, logging 842 articles! A heartfelt thanks to everyone who visits the site on a regular basis. I really wish this site was my full time job (maybe someday!), but I really do enjoy the interaction with each of you who visit the website or social media. It has kept me motivated to continue rediscovering the '80s every day!

I didn't get a chance to post The Weekly Links last week as I was worn out from a long week at work, but I still managed to post several new articles to the site:
It's October so I know many of my friends have started their annual Halloween countdowns. I don't usually do that for RD80s, but you will see some Halloween articles creep in this month. I did update the '80s Halloween TV Specials, Episodes, and Movies playlist on the YouTube channel, so bookmark that and enjoy throughout the spooky season!

My favorite video this week is the next installment of the DIY Prop Shop. The TMNT movies from the early '90s were a must-see for me and having a canister of ooze glowing in my bedroom would've definitely "outshone" my green lava lamp. Check out how you can create one of your own...

TWL Video of the Week
"Make Your Own Ooze Canister (TMNT)- DIY PROP SHOPby Awe Me

Enjoy the rest of The Weekly Links!!

28 years ago today: ‘The Princess Bride’ opened in theaters - Hitfix
New 'Major League,' 'Ace Ventura' Movies Could Be Coming Soon - Yahoo! Movies
The Terminator-based “Hungry Like The Wolf” parody you seek has arrived - A.V. Club


Thunder in Your Heart Thunderdome! - Branded in the '80s




The Comprehensive History Of The NES Power Glove (VIDEO)

The Gaming Historian channel on YouTube is one of my new favorites. The channel has been dispensing quality retrogaming videos for years, so I've enjoyed diving into their catalog with my recent discovery. The channel's latest documentary is a comprehensive history of the short-lived Power Glove controller released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Power Glove was really the first mass-marketed virtual reality device and this 27-minute documentary follows it's development and all the way through it's subsequent downfall. I really enjoyed it and retrogamers should as well.

Watch Your Favorite '80s Halloween Specials on YouTube!

All Hallow's Eve is slowly creeping upon us and it's time once again to rediscover all of the Halloween TV specialsepisodes, and movies we watched in the '80s! My favorite has always been "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" but several other TV shows and cartoons also produced new Halloween specials in the '80s.

To get you in the Halloween mood, I've revamped the '80s Halloween TV Specials, Episodes, & Movies playlist on the RD80s YouTube channel! Each year, I try to add new content while weeding out the videos that have been deleted from YouTube.

Include in this year's list are cartoon episodes from It's Punky Brewster, The Littles, and The Real Ghostbusters. TV specials include two Elvira MTV Halloween specials, Dr. Demento's Halloween Special, and The Halloween That Almost Wasn't. TV show episodes include Alf, Highway To Heaven, You Can't Do That On Television, Mr. Belvedere, Facts of Life, Kate & Allie, and Fun House. Movies include The Munster's RevengeThe Worst Witch and The Midnight Hour. I've also added a montage of '80s Halloween commercials, a 1985 Halloween safety video, and two Halloween appearance of Pee-Wee Herman on Late Night with David Letterman.

Have a spooky halloween season!


More Back To The Future 30th Goodies Include New Documentary, Short Film With Doc Brown, Video Game Re-Release

The famous Back To The Future date of Oct 21 2105 is less than a month away! A couple months ago, I told you about some of the official goodies being released for the 30th anniversary. Now, I'm here to tell you about more ways you can celebrate Back To The Future next month!

The most comprehensive documentary on the Back To The Future trilogy will be available on Oct 21, 2015! Back in Time will be released on Blu-ray and DVD with preordering now on Amazon. The production of the film spanned over two years, capturing hours of  interviews and footage of pretty much everyone in the cast and crew.

The word has been out about a re-release of the 2010-11 Back To The Future: The Game video game by Telltale Games and just today, a trailer was launched. The 30th Anniversary Edition video game will featured updated graphics for play on PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, plus in-game access to exclusive content like behind the scenes interviews.

Universal Pictures just teased us yesterday about a new short film titled Doc Brown Saves The Day that will be an exclusive feature on the new 30th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray and DVD sets.

There will be a live auction on October 24th for an awesome collection of screen-used props from the movies. The auction will be part of this year's We're Going Back celebration that will be hosted by Bob Gale at the United Methodist Church in Hollywood, CA where the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance was filmed (how cool is that!) Auction items are provided by ScreenUsed.Com with a portion of the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

The new Flux Capacitor App is now available in iTunes and Google Play for the modest price of $.99 cents. Features include:

  • Striking visuals and sound that reproduce time travel scenarios from each of the three Back to the Future films
  • Fully functional Time Circuits that accurately depict your travels
  • Lightning strike location triggered time travel (using GPS)
  • 1885 glitch simulation when device is shaken
  • Alarm clock mode with sounds from the films or music from your iTunes library

In the first BTTF 30th post I told you about the re-release of the soundtrack. I can now confirm that the vinyl picture disc soundtrack will be released on October 16, 2015 through online retailers like Amazon and at your record store.

Last but not least is the promise that came with the 30th Anniversary Blu-ray announcement that the trilogy will be back in theaters on October 21, 2015. I haven't found any sites that confirm screenings or have ticket purchasing yet, but I will certainly update it here when they do.


20th Century Fox And 'Furious 7' Producer To Reboot The A-Team TV Series

New "soldiers of fortune" will be coming to television. Deadline is reporting that 20th Century Fox has hired writer/producer Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious franchise) to create a modern day spin on the popular '80s TV series The A-Team. Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of the late Stephen J. Cannell who created The A-Team, and executive producer Albert Kim (Sleepy Hollow) are also attached to the project.

20th Century Fox owns the rights to Stephen J. Cannell's shows and no network has been attached to the new series (original aired on NBC.) According to Deadline's report, the new A-Team would "revolve around a diverse team of American special forces operatives... (and) would include both male and female members. It’s described as a fun episodic mission-of-the-week show that mixes big action-adventure sequences with compelling characters, inventive cons and lots of humor."

I'm excited. I actually enjoyed the reboot movie and thought it was quite fun. As long as the new show would include the old elements of car chases, shootouts, and doesn't get too serious, I will definitely watch. If it's the A-Team in name only...then don't bother.

What do you think? Good idea or should we keep our memories of The A-Team in the '80s?


1987 Canadian TV Report Goes Inside The Life Of A Young Michael J. Fox (VIDEO)

In 1987, Michael J. Fox was arguably the brightest star in Hollywood. Family Ties was the 2nd highest rated TV show and his movies were drawing millions at the box office. At one point, he was working an unbelievable schedule, shooting Family Ties during the day and the Back To The Future movies at night. However, his work commitments never overshadowed his humble acting beginnings in Vancouver, Canada.

"Pacific Report" went inside the life of Michael J. Fox in 1987, conducting interviews with the star as well as his friends and family in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Also included in the report is exclusive footage of his early acting days along with TV appearances and behind the scenes footage on set and at his home. The report is very well done and a fun look into one of the '80s best-known celebrities.

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