80s Metal Version TV Themes

We all know the great television show themes of the 80s. You can pretty much tell me the name of an 80s TV show and theme will pop in my head.

The A-Team.........
Knight Rider........
Magnum P.I.........

Recently I found Sylvian Cloux's channel on Youtube. Cloux has taken many of these 80s TV themes and reformatted them into metal versions. As a fan of rock music and the 80s, I gotta say these are outstanding. Cloux plays all guitars and drums on these cover versions and if that wasn't enough, he has also combined his new sound with the original opening video footage on many of these videos to give us the following 80s greatness....

Go check out Sylvian Cloux's channel on Youtube for more themes including movies like Back To The Future, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, the Godfather, Pirates of the Caribbean and James Bond.

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  1. Wow. That Knight Rider one is BAD ASS.

    Not so high on the A Team one, though. It was perfect to begin with apparently. LOL


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