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The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast

Recently I had the opportunity to sit in as a guest host with Dan Fogarty aka "Fogs" for episode 11 of the Title Pending Movie Podcast. Regular host Chris Tanski aka "Tank" was on vacation and I was asked to fill in. A few months earlier, Fogs and I schemed about doing a movie music themed show about movie scores, themes, and soundtracks. With Tank out of town, he decided it would be a great time to have me on the podcast. I've been a fan of their show for awhile and have listened to them since the beginning. All three of us are part of the UnderScoopFIRE.Com family and have contributed to the site through columns or podcasts. 
The basic concept of the show was simple...the Movie/Music Relationship. We talk about the history of movie soundtracks, some of the top selling soundtracks of all time, and also our favorites. We also discuss what we call the "Finger In Throat Trifecta" of movie soundtrack songs that have tested our gag reflexes over the years. We do discuss some 80s greatness, but we did not confine ourselves to the decade. I hope you will enjoy listening and continue to listen to this awesome movie podcast in the future.

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