Fire Flower Funnies: Blooper Videos

If you've been around RD80s for awhile, you've probably noticed that I get a kick out of the Mario Brothers. I think the arcade and video games (and just Mario's image in general) defines 1980s culture. The original Mario Brothers arcade game in 1983 and the sequel Super Mario Brothers for NES in 1985 created a brand that is one (if not THE) most successful to date.
During one of my recent excursions on the web, I came across some humorous sprite videos of Mario and Luigi having some trouble in their world of pipes and castles. The videos posted below are some of my favorites. They use great sound effects, music, and at times, mild violence to have a little fun with the Mario Brothers. 

The first video uses the original Mario Brothers game and his struggles with pipes and koopa turtles. I loved the use of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" and Van Halen's "Jump" in this video.

This next video has some fun with Super Mario Brothers using Luigi as a doorman to a castle and also Bowser and Mario having a good laugh at a misfired fireball.

This last video is the probably the funniest of the three vids. Using Super Mario Brothers as the backdrop, Mario has some real trouble using the pipe warp. He finally calls upon a little inspiration from Rocky to make one final attempt to use the pipe warp.

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