80s Timeworn Twelves: 'It's My Life'

Talk Talk "It's My Life" (1984)

A #1 song on the US dance chart in 1984, Talk Talk would need three releases in their native UK to make "It's My Life" a hit record. It appeared on their Natural History: The Very Best of Talk Talk album in 1990 and it didn't crack the British top 20 until then. Two videos of the song were produced, the first featuring lead singer Mark Hollis at the London Zoo and wildlife footage. EMI produced a second video with footage of the first video in background with the trio in the foreground lip-syncing the song very poorly. A remake by the band No Doubt in 2003 would actually outperform the original on the charts, reaching #10 on the mainstream chart in the US and #17 in the UK.
Side A on the 12" single featured an extended mix that added almost two and half minutes. Side B had the original version, plus a previously unreleased track "Again... A Game Again."

Thanks to Discogs.Com and Wikipedia for art and record info

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  1. I love this '80s single, "Its My Life." I actually bought the single first, when it reached the lower end of the mainstream Top 40 charts, and then later on got into the group Talk Talk in a big way. I love this wonderful '80s arty-synth music. I'll take it over '90s "grunge" or "hip-hop" any day.


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