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80s Timeworn Twelves: 'Saved By Zero'

The Fixx "Saved By Zero" (1983)

The Fixx broke onto the charts in 1982 with their 3rd album Shuttered Room. The first single "Stand or Fall" had moderate success in their native UK, Canada, Australia, and mainly in the US (reaching #7 on the mainstream rock chart.) The follow up "Red Skies" also was a moderate hit that helped them achieve their first top 20 hit in 1983 with"Saved By Zero," the first single from Reach the Beach album.

Toyota resurrected the song in 2008 for their 0% financing ad campaign. In fact, the commercials were played so much that Facebook groups began popping up in protest of how much the commercials were being played. Toyota didn't back down their initial plan to run the commercials. Cy Curnin, lead singer for the band, was quoted that he didn't mind the heavy rotation of the ads. Royalties and renewed attention for the band paid off, although he did note he would have rather used the original version of the song.

The A side of 12" record single featured the album version of the song. The B side included a previously unreleased track "Going Overboard" (which would later be included in re-releases of Reach the Beach) and a live version of "The Fool" which was released on Shutter Room.

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