He-Man Humor

He-Man Humor
BY THE POWER OF NUMB SKULLS! Ever think about if He-Man ever had a bad day? I mean, just not up for battling Skeletor or would rather just sit around the castle as Prince Adam and sing or something? Well, our internet friends have found some unique ways to cast He-Man and the rest of our Universe Masters in a not so bright spotlight. 

Skeletor, watch your mouth!
a short clip of Skeletor insults

One blonde house party
He-Man gives us his rendition of 4 Non Blondes "What's Up"

It's good to be king
Skeletor takes his pals to Burger King and loses his temper.
(Video complete with a moral lesson)

Eternian Rhapsody
The MOTU gang sing Queen, with Mer-Man on piano and guitar!

Sorry, your sorceress is in another castle!
The MOTU video game that should have been made.

TPC at Crystal Falls
...'cause even Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms need some down time.

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