Retro Top Ten: Donahue Topics If Dogs Ran The Show

After rummaging through some boxes in my garage in late 2011, I came across a book I had purchased awhile back. I was a huge David Letterman fan throughout my senior high school days in the early 90s, so a book of top ten lists belonged in my small library. Soon after I rediscovered the book, I decided that these the lists from the Late Night show in the 80s would be worth sharing again! These "retro top tens" are actual excerpts from my book, which can still be found online.

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Top Ten Donahue Topics If Dogs Ran The Show

10. Worm Pill Addicts
9.   Dogs Who Use Cat Doors
8.   Post-neutering Depression
7.   Lady Mud Wrestlers (Well, they're not going to change everything about the show)
6.   Korea: The Evil Empire
5.   Those Romantic Pocono Tick Baths
4.   Falling In Love With Your Vet
3.   Owners Who Eat Your Leftovers
2.   Why Quayle?
1. When To Stop Licking Yourself

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