King of Legoland Video Pays Tribute To 80s Toys

"King of Legoland" Stop Motion Video 
Pays Tribute To 80s Toys

Here's a fun stop motion video I found today courtesy TheFW.Com featuring all kinds of 80s toys. Transformers, Gobots, Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars, even NES catridges can be found in the video. You might want to turn down the sound though because the "King of Legoland" song by Samuel Vielliard of Hunting Charlie's Band(e) is definitely not the draw here. Micaël Reynaud's video and animated gif images on his Google Plus profile are a wonderful tribute to the toys of the 80s and a great trigger for remembering some you might have owned. Now, if you could have actually transformed them this quickly, kids and parents everywhere would've been impressed!

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