The Weekly Links: Arcade Netflix, Mike Tyson Playing Punchout, Yummy Mummy Comeback

Another batch of Weekly Links is here!


All You Can Arcade delivers arcade cabinets to your door - Polygon
 - I so wished I lived in California. If you do, $75 a month allows you to pick an arcade machine to reside in your home. Visit the official All You Can Arcade website for more details.

'Ferris Bueller' Ferrari sells for $235,000 - MSN
 - Wonder if the guy who bought this has an extra $2.3 million to put it in its rightful place.

'80s Movie Babes Then and Now - Yahoo! Movies
 - Check out this slide show of how some of our favorite movie babes look compared to the '80s!

10 Retro Cartoons That Need to Be Revived - Under Scoop Fire!
 - Some great '80s and '90s 'toons here that would be great to see again. Would be awesome to see a full Zelda revival. I think most of you know which cartoon I would choose.

Mike Tyson plays Mike Tyson's Punch-Out for the 1st time - Fox Sports Youtube Channel
 - Apparently, this NES commercial was a total lie and Mike Tyson has never played the game bearing his name. This short video clip is taken from his first experience with more to come probably on the new Fox Sports 1 channel.

Tears for Fears Cover Arcade Fire's 'Ready to Start' - Rolling Stone
 - I have an unhealthy fascination with '80s bands covering recent tunes (I think I smell a blog post.) I'm a big fan of "Ready To Start" and thought TFF did a great job with this one. It's about time they got in the game after what seems like dozens of "Mad World" covers I've heard.

Incredible 20-Second Tetris Game Must Be Seen To Be Believed - io9
 - Think your good at Tetris? Think again. 20 seconds to clear 40 lines...gotta be rigged.

Lego Arcade - Michael Hickox Youtube Channel
 - This one has been posted for several years but it's new to me! Fun stop motion Legos using arcade classics. Be sure to check out the Lego Arcade 2 video as well.

General Mills Has Brought Back FRUIT BRUTE And YUMMY MUMMY Cereals! - Strange Kids Club
 - This has got to be some kind of joke...they're bringing back all 5!! The cereal gods have found favor on us!!


The 80s Weekly Online newspaper!
 - Since I typically don't recent any blog posts on Sunday, I decided to start a new 80s-generating newspaper on the Paper.Li website. Subscribe to if you'd like a blast of the 80s this Sunday morning. There is a current edition as well.

Visit the Weekly Links archive to catch on previous posts. If you've got the inside scoop on '80s awesomeness, feel free to tweet me at @RD80s or shoot me an email at

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