'Welcome To Cobra Island' Rap Album Salutes G.I. Joe: Real American Hero

If you are a G.I. Joe fan and listen to current rap/hip hop, then meet the album the was produced for you! Welcome To Cobra Island by Wordburglar features 12 tracks all about G.I. Joe: Real American Hero. And the best part...it's available as a free download! Visit Wordburglar's Bandcamp page to name your price (it's worth even a small donation) and download now. Check out the tracks below...

I'll be the first to admit that I quit listening to rap in the mid '90s, but this album is way cool. It samples the music/sound effects from the original G.I. Joe animated series and mixes it with new rhymes for a perfect mashup of modern rap and old school '80s.

One of my usual reservations about modern rap is the language, but this album is not explicit and uses only mild language. Most of you also know that I'm not one for sampling '80s songs either, but hearing effects and music from RAH pretty much made me want to listen to this entire album. It's been awhile since I've watched some episodes so hearing the classic background music and stories about Snake Eyes, Destro, and Cobra-La took me back.

A big shout-out to Paul Panfalone from Plastic Battles for bringing the album to my attention. Yo Joe!
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