The Weekly Links: Fall Guy Movie, LEGO Thriller, Street Fighter Documentary

The Weekly Links are back with yet another 80s TV show being made into a movie, badly dressed G.I. Joes, Zelda ripoffs, Brony action figures, and motorcycle ninjas. Buckle up 'cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

 - In case you missed it, a new trailer was released last Thursday for the Robocop remake and I gotta admit...I'm excited! I don't expect it to compare to the original (especially since its PG-13,) but I have high hopes for an entertaining movie.

Toronto: Dwayne Johnson, McG to Tackle 'The Fall Guy' - The Hollywood Reporter
 - And speaking of remakes, an announcement has been made to bring 'The Fall Guy' to the big screen with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. All I have to say is the star better be a 1983 GMC Sierra with a lift kit.

'My Little Brony': Finally, adult 'Pony' fans get their own dolls - PopWatch
 - PopWatch put me on to this video over the weekend and it is down right hilarious!

Top 100 Albums of 1986: Best of the ’80s Part 7 - Slicing Up Eyeballs
 - Check out this extensive list of the best albums from 1986. Some were a little surprising while others were spot on. Check out the other 80s lists they've compiled too!

Cult Film Club Episode 10: Miami Connection
 - Motorcycle ninjas, John Oates lookalikes, and B-Movie acting can all be found in the latest episode of the Cult Film Club podcast. The 1987 film Miami Connection is the topic, which is currently available to stream on Netflix and Youtube.

 - Also available to stream for free on Youtube is a 72 minute Street Fighter documentary released for the 25th anniversary. I'm a sucker for great documentaries about '80s pop culture and this one doesn't disappoint.

 - Check out these 5 games that ripped off one of the classic NES games from the '80s. They can sit on a power sword and rotate!

 - This is some dedicated brick layin', let me tell ya!

The 24 Worst-Dressed Members of G.I. Joe and Cobra - i09
 - This is a very funny article about the lack of fashion displayed by America's favorite soldiers and the world's most ruthless terrorists.

Guess The Madonna Video - BuzzFeed Rewind
 - Think you know Madonna? Take this fun quiz and see if you can guess the music video based on one screenshot. (My score 8/13...I'm ashamed)

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  1. Thanks for the link to the Street Fighter vid, I'll be checking that one out.


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