How To Blow Over $100 On Christmas Ornaments This Year

Hallmark, you have outdone yourself this year. I'll admit, it's been awhile since I checked out their Christmas ornaments and let me tell you...I regret it! Over the last couple years they've made some awesome treehangers based on '80s properties and this year is no different. What's really impressed me is most now have lights and sound to help warrant the exuberant price. But hey, it's Christmas and our wallets are all in misery!

I've also found a great online store that sells ornaments you might have missed over the last couple years. More on that after I tell you the 2013 Keepsake Ornaments I have my eye on. (Prices and photos taken from Hallmark's online store.)
K.I.T.T. - $19.95
Knight Rider fans know this is no ordinary Trans Am, this is the Knight Industries Two Thousand (better known as K.I.T.T.). Press the button to see the scanner illuminate and hear K.I.T.T. speak.
If ever there was a Christmas ornament that warranted $20, this is it. A talk track and lights? SOLD.
Mork From Ork - $17.95
Mork from Ork emerges from his shell and onto your tree to report back to Orson whether you've been naughty or nice. Press the button to hear some of Mork's most memorable lines.
Nanu Nanu! This ornament is great and makes me want to watch some episodes to see if it still holds up.
Wagon Queen Family Truckster - $19.95
Tag along with Clark and his crew as they load up in the Family Truckster and head to Walley World. Press the button to hear music from Holiday Road performed by Lindsey Buckingham.
Wood panels + 'Holiday Road' song + Aunt Edna strapped to the roof = BEST ORNAMENT EVER.
Clark's Christmas Miracle - $19.95
Drum roll, please. Clark's hard work and frustration finally pay off as the Griswold family home lights up the sky. Press the button for lights and sounds from this classic Christmas movie moment.
Kicking myself for not getting the "tenament on wheels" ornament a few years back. Don't think I'll be making that same mistake with anymore Christmas Vacation ornaments.
I Shot My Eye Out! - $19.95
Ralphie's Christmas wish comes true, but so does the premonition from the grown-ups. Luckily, all's well that ends well. Press the button to hear memorable moments from this classic scene.
"Pulverized!!" There have been several great ornaments over the last couple years based on 1982's A Christmas Story. This one is no different. You can also find the leg lamp all glued together this year.
Rainbow Brite - $14.95
It takes a special kind of heroine to protect the world from forces of dullness and murk! Add this timeless super-sweet super hero to your tree for a colorful way to add a splash of colorful courage to any branch.
Some of you know that I'll have a one-month old girl when Christmas rolls around this year, so this would be a nice leap into the '80s girl world for me!

Other 2013 ornaments based on '80s properties including Ewoks from Return of the Jedi, Papa Smurf, and Ariel & Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Now like I said earlier, if you've missed out on ornaments like I have over the last several years...

...check out instead of eBay or other the auction sites. Prices for recent year ornaments seem to be about $5 above what you would normally pay which is about the best I've seen.

See how easy it would be to blow $100? Now, about those presents for the kids...oh well, guess they'll have to wait until next year.

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  1. Fantastic post, especially love the Griswold and A Christmas Story ones!

  2. It's insane how many good ones they have year after year. Lion-O last year? Stay Puft? Insane.

    I mean come on. Gotta expect a He-Man or Castle Greyskull soon I'd imagine, unless Matty won't let it happen.

    Great post!

  3. $100? Amateur! lol
    We usually spend closer to $250-$300 each year. My wife gets every Peanuts ornament released and I used to get every Star Wars one until Hallmark started doing con exclusives and killed any chance of me ever having a complete collection. Now I mostly get the Lego ones and any others, like this year's Jango, that strike me.

    1. WOW. That's like my whole budget, lol. They do make some great Star Wars ones. Hope your collection pays off someday!

    2. One of these years I'm going to go through and weed out the ones I don't love. We have I don't know how many Rubbermaid bins in the basement and they sit there year after year. Just too many to put out!


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