The Weekly Links: John Hughes Films, Hoke, Jem Characters, & Showtime Lakers

This week's links might be the best yet!! All over the place from movies, TV, cartoons, sports, and video games!! (Why am I yelling??!!)

Duran Duran’s 1982 Fan Club Christmas Card Is Heavenly - Buzzfeed
 - Christmas is right around the corner...oh wait, well maybe just at Hobby Lobby, but check out Buzzfeed's interpretation of this card...hilarious! 

9 Questioning Brat Pack Movie Moments - Mashable
25 Things You Didn't Know About Your Favorite John Hughes Movies - Buzzfeed
 - John Hughes double header! Aragorn as Jake Ryan? Jim Carrey as "The Geek?" And what do you think would happen if the movie plots continued? These questions and more are pondered in these two articles.

20 Hidden Konami Codes You Never Would've Found - Mashable
 - Remember playing Contra on NES and punching in the code to get the 30 extra lives? Well, check out these 20 websites that have hidden Konami codes in them!

A Manly Parody of the ‘DuckTales’ Theme Song About Fixing Things With Duct Tape - Laughing Squid
 - Yes, that's right. A parody of the Ducktales theme but about "Duct Tape." Now I've heard it all.

12 Super-Awkward '80s Videos That Aired on MTV - Vulture
 - Some awkward videos that were even weird back in the '80s...which says a lot!

Paul Giamatti Heads to FX for 1980s Miami Detective Drama 'Hoke' - Screen Crush
 - Picture it...Miami, 1985, police detective... Sonny Crockett pop in your head? Well, soon you'll have Paul Giamatti associated with that image thanks to the new FX drama 'Hoke'.

'Choose Your Own Adventure' Series Hopes to Relaunch for iPad - Mashable
 - Remember reading these as a kid? Well there is a Kickstarter campaign to develop an app that uses a similar 'Choose Your Own Adventure' format.

Back to the 80s: Interview with Trevor Rabin formerly of Yes - Kickin' it Old School
 - Old School Tim catches up with the co-writer of Yes hits 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' and 'Leave It'.

The 9 Most Amazing Moments From David Bowie and Mick Jagger's "Dancing In The Street" Music Video - BuzzFeed
 - And this is why I follow BuzzFeed...

 - Ever wonder which Jem character you would be on the show? (Come on guys, you know you watched it.) I would have been Jem...truly outrageous!

Lakers Lookback: Top 5 Lakers Moments Of The 1980s Decade - Laker Nation
 - Let it be known, I'm a huge Lakers fan and it all started in the '80s. Check out their top 5 moments...warning, skyhooks ahead!

 - Who has the best unruly eyebrows, Panthro or Miles Mayhem? Who has prettier red hair, Strawberry Shortcake or Monstarr? Just a few questions that need to be answered.

Tetris Theme 'A' Accapella - Smooth McGroove on YouTube
 - Okay, now I've heard it all. Actually this is quite cool...more vocal talent than I have...just ask my windshield. He's got a bunch posted so check out his channel. This is my favorite.


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