The Weekly Links: Nick Nolte Answering Machine Messages, 'Cool' New Magazine, 25 Movies To Show Your Kids

Welcome to a new edition of The Weekly Links that I'm sorry to say features no recent news about Ralph Tresvant. But just "cool it now," I've got plenty of links to share so don't "count me out." Anyone remember that episode of Knight Rider with New Edition? That was a little silly. There is definitely something to be said about unnecessary musical guests in '80s TV shows (ask the A-Team about Boy George.) I guess that will be a fun list to compile in a future RD80s article.

Okay, besides trying to break the record for New Edition references in a blog post, here is something a little more entertaining to take away from The Weekly Links...

Cool & Collected: The magazine for pop culture collectors - Kickstarter
 - I've had the privilege of interacting with CoolandCollected.Com over the past year or so through The League of Extraordinary Bloggers. I've also had a recent conversation with admin Brian Adams while recording the next RD80s podcast and I know this magazine is his dream. If you collect toys and pop culture memorabilia from the '80s and beyond, this magazine is for you! Please back his Kickstarter campaign to make this magazine come to life!!

Violent Femmes Musical Could Make Your 1980s Alternative Rock Dreams Come True - HuffPost
 - Here's another Kickstarter that Violent Femmes fans should be excited about..."Hitting The Ground" is a new musical featuring the discography of the '80s alt rockers.

25 Things You Didn't Know About Nickelodeon's TV Heyday - Mental Floss
 - I learned a couple new facts about Double Dare. The set was designed to look like a bathroom (duh...tile cleans up easier!) and Nickelodeon turned down $1 million from Casio to put their logo on the Double Dare clock.

Un-Heard Voice Messages From Nick Nolte That Will Make You Laugh - BuzzFeed
 - This audio reel of Nick Nolte messages from the set of the 1989 film Another 48 Hrs. is hilarious. If it's real, then it's beyond hilarious...beyarious! Can't blame him for calling Eddie about his missing snake-skin wallet. I know for a fact it takes a good $10 or so to ring a bottle at the fair to win one.

Prince Playing House Concert – At His House - Rolling Stone
 - HOUSE PARTY!! Prince is opening up his "house" to welcome back his '90s band, the New Power Generation. No word yet if he's going to "make it purple rain, up in there."

2013 National Toy Hall of Fame Finalists | National Toy Hall of Fame
 - Among the 12 finalists for the National Toy Hall of Fame this year are '80s favorites My Little Pony, Pac-man, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Cast your vote now!

14 Tech Gadgets From The 1980s That We Want Back Right Now - Business Insider
 - There is something to be said about the tangibility of goods. The digital era is a little too convenient for my taste and I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses the days of Sony Walkmans and Polaroid cameras.

25 Movies From The ’80s That Every Kid Should See - BuzzFeed
 - I'm proud to say that I've forced my two youngins to see '80s classics like Flight of the Navigator and E.T. I'm waiting for the youngest to get a little older before a Ghostbusters and Gremlins double feature happens. The list prefaces that it's for kids "7 and under" but if your showing them The Breakfast Club and Fast Times at that age, I'll be happy to setup a dinner date with DHR for you.

Geek Apparel of the Week: The Orko Hoodie - Topless Robot
 - I'm so close to pulling the trigger on this Orko Hoodie for Halloween this year. Not only does it scream '80s louder than Merman drinking Listerine, but it covers your face completely! I'm not that tall so I could definitely get back in the Trick or Treat game with this.

'Lone Ranger' Co-Writer Tapped to Write 'Masters of the Universe' (Exclusive) - The Hollywood Reporter
 - And while MOTU is in the air, Columbia Pictures left a big Stink-Or recently by stating the film project has been delayed and has lost its director who was said to be G.I. Joe Retaliation's Jon Chu. A new writer has also been attached to the project. Can someone please write him a letter explaining how Gwildors and magic keytars ruin childhood dreams?

Back to the 80s: Interview with singer/actress Ellen Foley - Kickin' it Old School
 - Can't get enough of these interviews! This week it's Ellen Foley who played public defender Billie Young on Night Court for a season and also sang on Meat Loaf's hit "Paradise by the Dashboard Light."

Happy Murdoctober! Celebrate The A-Team At 30!
I love it when a series of blogposts comes together! I can't leave this week without shamelessly plugging the month-long RD80s celebration of the 30th anniversary of the A-Team! My pal Wyatt and I have already released some A-Team At 30 blog posts over the past week with many more to come. Plus, don't forget to sign up to win the exclusive A-Team At 30 Prize Pack which features new and vintage A-Team goodies (along with a few extra bonus items from the RD80s prize bin!) Use the Rafflecopter widget on the Giveaways page to earn several entries into the drawing. Winner will be announced on Halloween!

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  1. I'm a proud New Edition fan, so I enjoyed all of the NE references! Thanks, as always, for including a link to the interview & also happy you're enjoying them personally.


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