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The Weekly Links: Tom Hanks on a Floor Piano, Remington Steele Reboot, Back To The Future: The Musical

The Weekly Links are back from the future of retro past to give you the best of new stuff about old stuff (Sorry, just watched Back to the Future Part II.) Hope you've been enjoying all the A-Team festivities here on RD80s over the past two weeks. Wyatt and I still have several articles in the queue for this month, leading up to the big announcement of the A-Team At 30 Prize Pack Giveaway winner!

Time for a quick break from "Murdoctober" though to see what's '80s treasures were discovered this past week...

22 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For '80s Girls - Buzzfeed
 - Halloween is rapidly approaching and in case you gals can't decide which Care Bear to dress up as, here are a few suggestions approved by the Wilderness Girls Organization.

Family Outfitted in Awesome ‘Labyrinth’ Costume Ensemble - Laughing Squid
 - ...and this is how you do a family Halloween costume.

16 Reasons Jeanie Bueller Is Seriously Underrated - Buzzfeed
 - For you Jeanie sympathisers, here is a great list of how she stole Ferris' thunder.

Archer -- Danger Zone - Archer YouTube channel
 - I'm not a fan of the show, but this was one awesome promo for the new season!

Where Are They Now? Lucy Deakins - UnderScoopFire
 - Mr. Serious tracks down what's new with small town girl "Cammie" from The Great Outdoors.

 - Catchup with another girl from the '80s as Old School Tim interviews "Shayne" from Some Kind of Wonderful. And if that not enough to make you read the article, Hagan was also saved by Chuck Norris and had Alf deliver her about an awesome resume.

Indiana Jones boulder scene, reenacted by a guy in a boulder suit - io9
 - The famous Raiders of the Lost Ark scene as you've never seen it before. The looks on the bystanders are priceless.

RoboCop: 10 Hilarious TV Edits That Ruined The Film - WhatCulture
 - How do you ruin Robocop? By using words and phrases like "crumbag," "dipstick," "fwhy me," and "sham you" of course.

Full Screen Mario, A Browser-Based HTML5 Remake of the Original ‘Super Mario Bros.’ - Laughing Squid
 - The ultimate way to play Mario at work...uh, I mean during breaks at work. 

This amazing Back to the Future musical isn't real but it needs to be - io9
 - Okay, so it's not quite ready for Broadway yet (in fact this version might disrupt the space-time continuum.) But we can all keep our fingers crossed and hope it's playing the next time our significant other says "let's go see a Broadway show this weekend."

NBC To Reboot ‘Remington Steele’ As Comedy - Deadline.Com
 - Strike 1: Change from 60 mins episodes to 30 mins. Strike 2: Change from comedy drama to straight up comedy. Strike 3: Script writers previous projects include the two recent Smurfs movies. Yeah, I'm calling this reboot "out!"

The envy-inducing adventures and abilities of 80s movie kids - DenOfGeek
 - Kids in the '80s had the best adventures. Here are 10 that we all have dreamed about.

Tom Hanks, Jonathan Ross and Sandra Bullock Big Piano - Mad Professor LTD Youtube Channel
 - Definitely my favorite video of the week. It was setup to seem he didn't know anything about this little reenactment from Big, but I have a hunch he was tipped off. Either way, was fun to see him jump right in. And on the same show, Ross also got Sandy Bullock to rap to "Rapper's Delight."

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  1. Awesome week of 80s stuff! Even more impressive when you gather it all together like this. And thanks for including my Molly Hagan interview!


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