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The Weekly Links: Anchorman Rides Like The Wind, Dark Crystal Director's Cut, Quoting Skeletor

The gift that keeps on giving EVERY WEEK...yep, the Weekly Links are back with another round of '80s linkage to the max! Speaking of max, remember this Christmas tune by Max Headroom? As much as I appreciate his contribution to '80s pop culture, if that song doesn't make your worst Christmas song list then your love for piano-playing TV sets is too high. I would have loved to be one of the boys in the choir and "accidentally" trip over the Max Headroom's cord plugged into the wall.

Okay, enough of the bad...let's get on with the good!
Ron Burgundy and Robin Thicke Cover Christopher Cross - Rolling Stone
 - This cover of the first single ever released by Christopher Cross is quite entertaining. As a proud owner of the Cross debut album, I think Thicke actually does a great job with the vocals. Burgundy is obviously no Michael McDonald which I guess is why I find this track pretty funny.

12 Things You Might Not Know About A Christmas Story (Even Though You've Seen It 90 Times) - Mental Floss
 - Learned quite a few facts from this post like Peter Billingsley was an executive producer and had a small part in the original Ironman film. Huhwhat??!! Yeah, had to IMDB that. Easily seen it 20 times and was totally clueless.

Experience the '80s all over again with the Double Dragon Trilogy for Android ... - Techspot
 - YES!!! Being the Android and retro gamer that I am, this is the perfect Christmas present to myself! $2.99 is a steal to play the Double Dragon trilogy.

25 Reasons "When Harry Met Sally" Is The Perfect Holiday Movie - Buzzfeed
 - Been awhile since I watched this movie and forgot it was set during the holidays. Buzzfeed also released a list of more movies that you might have forgotten have a holiday background.

Awesome 80s Bedrooms: Goonies Edition - Branded In The 80s
 - If you haven't been following Shawn's venture of identifying objects in '80s movies, you've been missing out. His latest delve takes a look at Mikey's bedroom from Goonies! He's also covered E.T., Flight of the Navigator, Princess Bride, Monster Squad...just do yourself a favor and click this link to catch up on all of these awesome posts.

Watch the Restored Original Cut of The Dark Crystal - Mental Floss
 - I just rediscovered this movie a couple months ago on Netflix as it had been FOREVER since I watched it. If you've been meaning to rewatch, now seems to be the perfect time.

Atari gets court approval for bankruptcy recovery plan - Polygon
 - Atari's on the long road back to financial recovery. I still think there are markets Atari hasn't tapped into yet that could heighten the nostalgia factor in those of us who loved these figures I found recently.

Fan Art Friday Thursday: 80s LEGO Series by Dan Shearn - Strange Kids Club
 - Check out these awesome LEGO concepts of Beetlejuice, Evil Dead, Big Trouble In Little China and more!

11 Classic Video Games You Can Play Online - Mental Floss
 - Thanks to the Internet Archive, there is a slew of '80s video games in their "Historical Software Collection" that are available to play for free. I should go back to school and get a masters degree on historical gaming.

Interview with G Tom Mac of 'Cry Little Sister' from The Lost Boys - Kickin' it Old School
 - The most recent interview on the Kickin' It Old School blog is with G Tom Mac aka Gerard McMahon who performed and co-wrote the awesome track "Cry Littler Sister" from the Lost Boys.

The 25 Most Inspiring Skeletor Quotes For Every Occasion - Buzzfeed
 - Skeletor might be the most quotable villain of '80s cartoons and here are 25 quotes you can start working into your vernacular. I guarantee if you start using these at work, like "I'm so powerful, I even impress myself!", you'll climb the corporate ladder in no time.

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