RD80s Challenge: Christmas Movies and TV Specials

I'm known in certain circles as "Mr. Christmas." I'm the guy who Griswoldifies his Facebook profile every December and who doesn't mind putting the tree up at the office when everyone else complains. I've seen ALOT of Christmas movies and specials so I thought I'd put myself (and my followers) to the test this holiday season. Your newest RD80s Challenge is...

Christmas Movies and TV Specials
I've compiled a list of 50 popular and obscure feature films, made-for-TV movies and TV specials released in the '80s that center around Christmas (Sorry Die Hard and Gremlins fans, I'm not including films set at Christmas time.) Have many do you remember watching?

Post your score in the comments below and also share with your Facebook friends from the List Challenges site.

My score: 25
Half...wow. Thought I'd score a little higher. There are many that I'm aware of but don't remember watching. There are also quite a few I haven't seen that probably didn't make it past the VHS era and only get shown once a year on the Hallmark channel. I recently found some on Youtube and I know there is at least one on Netflix that I plan to watch this month so I might make it to a 30 score before year's end.

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  1. I would pay money to watch the Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis Christmas Special.

  2. I only scored 15, a lot of the Christmas Specials I grew up watching were already "classics". Also I found one that you missed, The Trolls and the Christmas Express from 1981 got tons of play on HBO haven't seen it in years but have fond memories of it

    1. Good call, Tom! Found it on Youtube...



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