'Greatest Event' Side By Side With Actual '80s TV Intros

Some of you may have watched "The Greatest Event In Television History" show on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" over the past year. For those who haven't, the premise of each episode is recreating an '80s TV show intro, shot-for-shot, with new actors. So far, three episodes have been released including a recent hint at a fourth episode which will air Jan 23.

I recently watched the three episodes and found them pretty entertaining. Most of the show involves a behind the scenes look at the production including bits of comedy intermixed. A countdown clock starts at the beginning courtesy host Jeff Probst which leads up to the debut of the final product. The TV intros chosen for the first three episodes have been Simon & Simon, Hart To Hart, and Too Close For Comfort (click name to watch full episode on YouTube.)

I must say when I initially watched the recreations, they seemed very close. How close? I found a Youtube user (eji313) who has posted the originals side-by-side with the recreations so we can compare...

This one is definitely my favorite. I'm a Mad Men fan, but I also remember watching Simon & Simon with my dad. You can tell that "Greatest Event" tried to hit a homerun with this first intro. I think they made a great choice and came pretty darn close to the original.

This was another great choice to recreate. "Greatest Event" did a great job on the many unique moments in the Hart To Hart intro.

Too Close For Comfort seemed more of an odd choice to me for the third episode. It could be because its just a different genre of TV show than the other two, but seems "Greatest Event" might go for The Fall Guy, Dallas, or T.J. Hooker (James Franco needs to play Adrian Zmed.)

Which recreation did you enjoy the most? What '80s TV intro should "Greatest Event" do next? From the recent picture released, my guess at the 4th episode is Bosom Buddies based on Paul Rudd and Adam Scott's hair.

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