The Weekly Links: Huey Lewis Rx, 1984 Turns 30, Lebron Loved WWF Wrestling

Welcome back to your weekly dose of '80s medicine known as The Weekly Links! If you've been sick recently (like I have) or just sick of wearing 12 layers to not get sick, hopefully a few of these stories will make you feel better.

In case you missed it, I debuted a new monthly series of posts on RD80s called "Netflix '80s Fix" earlier this week. I'm always anxious to see the new movies/shows available on Netflix each month and decided it was time to share the wealth of knowledge with all of you loyal blog followers. Hopefully it will be a fun way for you to fill your queue with stuff you either haven't seen in a long time or been meaning to catch for the first time!

I'm glad I waited until the evening hours to put the Links together this week because I was made aware of some cool stuff just this morning! You can thank Martha Quinn for bringing the first video to my attention...

Huey Lewis Rx - Thats Whats Up Comedy Youtube channel
 - This video made my day. It truly is impossible to listen to Huey Lewis & the News without wanting to crank the volume and dance like a fool.

 - Following up last week post is another great list of '80s tracks. This might be the best thing they've ever posted on Huff Post.

Eurythmics to Reunite for Beatles Grammys Special - Rolling Stone
 - I misspoke earlier in the week when I linked this to the Grammy awards. Annie and Dave are getting back together for a Beatles special put on by the Grammys to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Christmas Vacation - What's The Damage? - CinemaSins Youtube Channel
 - Yes! Although I know Clark himself would be in pain the day after Christmas, apparently his wallet would be in a world of hurt too.

For Better or Worse, Here are 22 Things From the 80s We Haven’t Tried to Reboot (Yet) - UnderScoopFire!
 - Wow, USF found 22 things that have been untouched? Must've been Googling for hours!

Battle Of The Batmobiles: Which Is faster, '60s Or '80s Batmobile? - Jalopnik
 - Best thing about this link...there is video of this epic showdown.

30 Things Turning 30 in 2014 - Mental_Floss
 - Yep, it's time to start feeling old again. "Where's the beef?", Ghostbusters, and Muppet Babies have all reached their 3rd decade. Ouch.

LeBron loves wrestling, and it loves him back, brother! - Fox Sports
 - Pretty cool that Lebron James loved watching the Hulkster and Ultimate Warrior when he was a kid. But let's do the math...Lebron was born in 1984. I bet he doesn't remember watching this like I do.

Hulk Hogan: Hero of the ’80s - SI Extra Mustard
 - And speaking of the Hulkster, you HAVE to check out this awesome photo montage of him with celebs in the '80s.

5 Reasons Why Licence To Kill Was Actually A Great Bond Film - WhatCulture!
 - Dalton is one of my least favorite Bonds, but I tend to agree the License To Kill was a great flick (at least his best.)
 - Had know idea such a book existed that celebrates the boxart of Transformers. (Adds to Amazon wish list.)

The first Lego Simpsons set is simply awesome - Gizmodo
 - If you appreciate Lego, you'll love the new Simpsons set that will be available soon. You get their car, a skateboard ramp for Bart and neighbor Ned with his grill. For a franchise turning 25 years old this year, they've never looked better!

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