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RD80s Challenge: '80s Romantic Comedy Films

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching which means scrambling to buy gifts that adequately expresses our affection for our significant other. For us guys, it also might mean sacrificing the 56th time we've watched The Terminator for a romantic comedy. But instead of making us sit through three hours of Titanic, here's a fun way to decide on a romantic film that you haven't seen...take the RD80s Challenge!

'80s Romantic Comedies
I've compiled a list of 50 feature films released in the '80s that are classified as romantic comedies. Take the RD80s challenge to see how many you've seen and then, get your significant other to take the challenge so you can compare your results. What you'll have leftover is a list of movies that you both can experience for the first time!

Post your score in the comments below or share with your Facebook friends from the List Challenges site.

My score: 20
Wow, pretty pathetic. But rom coms aren't typically my kind of movies to watch. There are a few like Money Pit, Princess Bride, and the John Hughes films that I do love. But the good news is from my lack of viewing, I've got a good list of movies to choose for future Valentine's Day movie nights!

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  1. I got 23, probably watched most of these on HBO when I was bored, rom com isn't my typical genre


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