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The Weekly Links: "Tainted" Floppy Drives, Eurythmics Reunite, 1983 Apple Flip Phone

Valentine's Day is only two days away, so call me cupid because I'm here to spread the '80s love in this edition of The Weekly Links! This past week contained many sweet videos and articles and I've taken this opportunity to wrap them all up in a bright red box and remove any with a nasty orange cream filling. Yuck!

If you haven't taken the most recent RD80s Challenge, I invite you to check it out. I've listed 50 romantic comedies from the '80s for you to see how many you have watched. If you are planning a movie night for Valentine's Day, share it with you significant other to help find some rom coms that you both haven't seen! (Guaranteed to be better than sitting through 3 hours of Titanic again.) 

Now, this week's TWL Video of the Week will let you experience "Tainted Love" like you never have before (courtesy The Laughing Squid.)

TWL Video of the Week
"Floppy Music - Soft Cell Tainted Love" - Gigawipf YouTube channel

Steve Perry: ‘I’m doing my best’ over Journey reunion - Classic Rock Magazine
 - This story surfaced this past week with many people asking themselves..."really?" At this point, I think it's highly unlikely that Perry would unite or even tour with Journey again. If it does happen, I could see him joining up for a few songs at like the Grammys or something. If your a fan, you are probably used to these rumors popping up every year.

Which "Labyrinth" Character Are You? - BuzzFeed
 - Here's another fun quiz for you Labyrinth fans. I got Toby.

Rick Springfield Talks About The Real Woman Behind His '80s Hit 'Jessie's Girl' (VIDEO) - HuffPost
 - Looks like Oprah got the scoop on the real "Jessie's Girl" for one of her recent specials.

Journey "Separate Ways" Music Video Remake - Katie King YouTube Channel
 - Here's another video I found courtesy The Laughing Squid. Hilarious! And if you want to dig deeper, here is a behind the scenes look of the remake.

Top Ten Intellivision Games - Retro Gamer
 - I never had an Intellivision growing up, but those who did (or still do) will appreciate this list. Glad to see one of my all time faves Q*Bert made the list. Also check out their top ten list of Sega Master System games that was also released this week. Now those I know because I had a SMS console!

10 80s TV Shows We Want To See Revived - WhatCulture!
 - Some of these might be fun to reboot, but think I'd prefer if the spirit of shows like The A-Team and Cheers would appear in new shows.
Pop Culture Cartography - Branded in the 80s
 - I could stare at this map of Third Earth from the Thundercats ALL DAY LONG. Shawn also captures the worlds of Fraggle Rock, The Smurfs, and Dark Crystal in this article.

INXS Miniseries Beats Sochi Olympics in Australian TV Ratings Showdown - The Hollywood Reporter
 - I'm a huge INXS fan and can't wait to watch this when it becomes available in the US. Can't say I'm surprised that one of Australia's most famous bands beat out the Sochi Winter Olympics in their TV ratings.

Interview with Andy Lindberg, Lardass from Stand By Me - Kickin' it Old School
 - Here is another great '80s "then and now" interview, this time with Andy Lindberg aka "Lardass Hogan" from Stand By Me.

When was the most expensive time to be a gamer? - Polygon
 - A great case explaining why 1982 was the most expensive time to be a gamer.

Watch Eurythmics reunite to perform ‘Fool on the Hill’ at Beatles tribute concert - Slicing Up Eyeballs
 - Was good to see Annie and Dave back together during the Beatles tribute concert at the Grammys. Not sure how long this video will be available as the one featured in the article has already been deleted.

10 Forgotten Secrets of Great Movie-making From The 80s - io9
 - Great article that features Ghostbusters as an example of great film making.

7 Inventions We Need Before the Hoverboard - Pop Rewind
 - Really fun article by the Pop Rewind gang that got some attention from the official Back To The Future Twitter account. The only thing they missed were those rad Nikes that tied themselves.
Apple's Forgotten Designs - Design Taxi
 - And speaking of inventions, some of these Apple designs from the '80s are downright incredible. It's amazing to think that a flip phone and and touch screen Macbook were actually first designed in the early '80s.

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